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This Morning I Thought I Saw A Giant Rat On One Of My Bird Feeders.

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sandyRoe | 13:30 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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When it moved I saw it's tail and realised it was actually a dark furred squirrel.  

That's the first one I've seen in my garden in all the years I've been here.

Is food getting scarcer for them as we move towards Winter?



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They are a flipping nuisance in my garden, running off with fat balls and scoffing everything. I dread to think how much I've spent on squirrel proof feeders and stands over the years.

Yes, the are collecting their food for the winter.  There were three in our garden this morning.  Although why they need to raid the bird feeders I have no idea - they stripped the walnut and hazelnut trees before we even got a look in.

It's possible food isn't so easy to come by but why work for it when you can raid a bird feeder more easily. We have one that we've seen a couple of times, I hope it doesn't bring friends!

Could be they,ve heard of another lockdown on the way so, raiding the shelves. :0)

It might be the first time that you have seen one in your garden  but there will be more of them nearby. 

They plant the hazelnuts on the grass in front garden.  I hesitate to call it a lawn!

CL - Mr BM found a load of walnuts planted in his greenhouse last spring.  Silly so and sos had obviously thought it was a nice warm place to hide stuff whilst the doors were open until the autumn, but thereafter the doors were closed and remained so.

We lived in Letchworth years ago.  The home of  the rare  black Squirrels on Norton Common whic h I walked across every day to get to work.  I expect they have multiplied by now and in a much wider area but the were great to see.  Letchworth was a dry town back then in the 70s, but it's first pub was called The Black Squirrel.





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This Morning I Thought I Saw A Giant Rat On One Of My Bird Feeders.

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