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A A Very Mild Autumn

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NoseyNose | 11:38 Sun 05th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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I cannot believe the temperatures here "down South".

Yesterday,according to my trusty little bedside clock,the night temperature never dropped below 64F!

Is this due to Global Warming~

or is it just a fluke?



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Apologies,that should not read AA(typo)it's not about the Automobile Association,or Alcholics Anonymous!LOL😉

A dash of randomness with a large dose of climate change ...

My feet are like blocks of ice. And I have electric fire on also oil heating     I'm beginning to warm up

Put some socks on Jenny j .

Nah. Will be showering soon

I don't know where your South is...but tonight in my part of the West Country it's due to go down to 7c or 44.6f. It might have been a degree warmer last night. I'd say that's cold enough.

I just googled and that's pretty normal.

Is your bedside clock registering indoor temperatures? 

Question Author

Hello there pastafreak,

This is on the Kent/East Sussex borders.

Yes,that was an inside temperature but~even our outside (all weather) thermometer didn't drop below 60F,it has an extra hand on it,to show the lowest mean temperatures.


n here.

A few weeks ago there was a day here in which the temperature was half a degree warmer than the previous record in 1969.

They weren't suggesting  back in 1969 that it was due to global warming.

It was a bit chilly yesterday, feels better today  because the sun is shining and the wind has dropped.  I have a feeling it's going to be a really hard winter.

In the heady days of the sixties people had yet to figure out how to monetise the air and weather.'s because you're expressing temperature in out-dated units. It always seems warmer in Fahrenheit.

(And, I don't think measuring indoor temperature says much about climate change!)

It has been, but getting chilly. I know this, as my hot water bottle has come out!

And I've gotten out the heating pad I keep on my chair.

I've not put the heating on yet...I really need to move some plants off the windowsils before I do...don't want them baked!

That's a good idea, Pasta, the heating pad.

Might get one, as I get lower back ache sometimes.

When I was a kid (early 1960s) living just north of London, come Guy Fawkes (5 Nov.) all the leaves on the deciduous trees had fallen – I know this because each year I collected them for a bonfire in our back garden.

I now live some 50 miles further north, and the leaves are only just beginning to fall – it will be the end of November before they are all down – so things are definitely changing weather-wise.

Your bedside clock stayed inside your house so probably is not representative of the true outside temperature.

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A A Very Mild Autumn

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