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How Can We Pensioners Bathe?

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NoseyNose | 00:46 Fri 27th Oct 2023 | Home & Garden
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We are old,how do we bathe?

We are 76 and 77 respectively.

We now find getting into(and out of) the bath very difficult,and possibly dangerous.

Any suggestions?

Please bear in mind we are both on a State Pension,so it needs to be cheap, or with assistence from (maybe) a charity.

Thank You,from a dirty couple! LOL



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I'm not sure where you reside, if it is Britain, contact social work department nearest you and ask to speak the social worker from elderly care department . Good luck .

Question Author

Thank You very much Anne,I will try that!

You could always stand out in the rain - costs nothing!

Possibly worth considering: User Recommendation

(Click the 'Video' thumbnail, to the bottom left of the main image).

Question Author

Thank You Buenchico,

That looks a good item.Although I cannot see how you get into the bath water?

Is it like a blanket bath,you just soap and water while sitting on it?

Question Author

Thank You again Buenchico,

The 2nd one looks better,I shall certainly investigate further.

We could really do with removing the bath completely,and having a shower instead.

However,as our house is rented,I don't think the landlord would approve of it (or pay for it)!

Probably you might get more ideas if you put this in Body & Soul section instead of Home & Garden ...just saying.

I'm probably no expert on getting into baths.

Due to multiple plumbing problems in my house, which I simply can't afford to get fixed, I've not taken a bath or a shower for well over a decade.  However I can assure you that people don't hold their noses when I appear! 

A bowl of hot water, together with a bar of soap and a face flannel is all that I need for an all-over wash, which seems to work perfectly well for me.  (Indeed, because I'm determined not to get a reputation for being stinky, I probably devote more time to washing my sweaty parts than I might in a shower or a bath anyway).

So, if you find yourself worrying about using a bath, you might want to consider my simple way around the problem.  i.e. don't bother to use one at all. (I'm 70, btw).

Question Author

What a sensible person you are Buenchcico,

We have not bathed now for about 1 year,and haven't found anyone "sniffing" us! LOL

I shall follow your suggestions.

Thank You for all you help.

It makes a newbie here feel wanted.

^^ Good for you - it took me a year to feel I could say the word "newbie"!!!

Nosey, the strip wash is a great idea and will certainly keep you clean but if you do fancy a hot shower have you thought about your local swimming pool at a quiet time? 

Mine charges seniors £3.50 but there is no rule that you must swim, although the disabled access in and out of the pool is fabulous.


Have you asked your landlord about installing a shower?  

One of our neighbours had a wet room fitted by social services and they were in rented house.  The only stipulation was that the landlord had to agree to them being able to stay there for at least 5 years after it was fitted.

I'm looking forward to being a pensioner, all those freebies? 😇

The answer may be to convert the bathtub into a walk-in shower, there are several ideas on here;

Khandro - if the landlord agrees and they have the money or social services agree to fund it and the landlord agrees to that. 

ozzy, I don't look forward to the day I can no longer get in and out of a bath safely.  Not every pensioner qualifies for these 'freebies' and it very much depends on where you live and your council's priorities.

You could have an electric shower fitted over the bath. We had that done some years ago. We now live in a house that has a bathroom and a shower room, but - now that we are both over 80 - we use the shower all the time.

Question Author

Thank You so much for all your helpful answers.

The Landlord is quite agreeable,provided that they dont have to pay for it(we have only lived/rented this house for ove 20 years,so typical).

I shall investigate some ot the other suggestions,and let you know what happens!

I'm also 76, and gave up on baths years ago. Mostly because I prefer showers. Though I still need to bend stiff knees to get in and out...which is a worry sometimes. It's those stiff knees that stop me even considering sitting in the bath now...I might get trapped!

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