Is Fitting Wood Flooring Easy?

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bonnie&clyde | 00:19 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | Home & Garden
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I bought some left over engineered wood click flooring which will be enough to fit in my small downstairs hallway. Is it easy enough to fit? Do I need to use glue or dpm underlay or both? The flooring underneath is wood floor boards. Can anyone recommend which is best and if I need a special kit to fit. I already have a rubber mallet and jigsaw.


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"The most common way to install engineered click flooring is to loose lay (or float) it over an underlay" See here for more info:
00:38 Sat 27th Nov 2021
Mr Alba used some sort of spongy material as an underlay but he laid the wood on top of a hardboard type surface and not floor boards.
No glue as the planks need to have some give when folk are walking over them.

As an aside, I've heard stories that if the wooden flooring is underneath the skirting boards some insurance companies can be funny on meeting claims, something to do with their outlook on fixtures and fittings, but I don't know if that's an urban myth.
"The most common way to install engineered click flooring is to loose lay (or float) it over an underlay"

See here for more info:
Same method that I have used, Alba. Haven't heard that one before about insurance though, sometimes I have removed the skirting boards layed the floor right up to the walls and then replaced the skirting ( for a neat finish and no need for beading ).
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Thanks for BA. In case you've not spotted it, you need to click on 'Read more', at the top of that page, to view the info that I was trying to let you see.
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Fitting linoleum flooring is easy as long as the surfaces including walls and baseboard are clean. If your linoleum flooring comes in rolls, it will come with a shaving device that you can use to shave any excess on the edges of the roll before making cuts to fit around corners and other obstacles. If not, use scissors or a utility knife with good blades. Be sure to match your seams so there won't be any lines. You may want some scrap linoleum tiles so you can anchor them down at all four edges of sensitive rooms like bathrooms where moisture could become trapped between the two layers of tile if not properly sealed.

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Is Fitting Wood Flooring Easy?

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