Blocked Toilet Situation

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tiggerblue10 | 20:12 Sun 17th Oct 2021 | Home & Garden
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Had a couple of friends round earlier and one of them needed to use the loo which is fine but now it is blocked with.......well I'm sure you can guess. I could use a toilet brush to break it up but then it will be covered in......! How do I get the damn thing to flush away? Its making me heave. Thanks

That'll teach me to invite people round. Think I'll live my life as Billy no mates from now on, haha


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A latex glove and a plastic bag is all I ever need to solve such problems (including, by coincidence, just an hour or two ago!).

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OMG Chris, just the thought of doing that makes me heave!
Phone your "friend" and ask them back to sort the problem for you.
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I wish I could. Long gone now...
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I found it in my upstairs toilet. I did wonder why they went upstairs rather than using the downstairs one.
If you honestly can't face dealing with the problem, and nothing wrong with that, you may need to get a plumber in.

If it's not blocking the toilet, it will eventually break up and flush away of its own accord.

A dollop of bleach down and left overnight will help.

While that's working, spray copiously with some air freshener and then shut the lid on it.
I would still telephone to explain what problem they left behind them...
Perhaps your blockage is further along the pipes.

When ours blocks its outside under the slabs.
Pour some boiling water and bleach in, close the lid. Flush in the morning
I'm told that hot...not too hot, probably just hand hot....very soapy water in a bowl poured quickly from a good height works. I don't know but maybe worth a try.
Get a bucket of water and pour it in while flushing the loo ( be careful not to flood the place ) Flush the loo first and follow it with the bucket so you can fill the pan but not overtop it.
tiggs, your first line reads they were friends, when you found your loo upstairs full, you said "it'll teach you not to invite people around', it wasn't people, it was friends and one friend had a bad tummy, probably moritified so went upstairs rather than the 'guest' toilet downstairs - just let it dissolve in it's own way, ya never know, one day it could be you, and your friend posting here or on twitter, we have no control over the bowels - don't judge that person, getting short taken is so mortifying
My worst nightmare! I once had to fish out a logger with toilet paper in a friend's house and take it home with me wrapped in copious amounts of tissue!
Ha ha Ha Lankeela, you have me going to bed in the balls of laughter
I suspect it's not a single huge object, and certainly not a few gallons of diarrhoea which is causing the problem. As Tuvok said, it's possibly something further down the line. Is your downstairs loo flushing well? Are the two loos (Lautrec!) connected to the outside drain via the same pipe? If it doesn't disappear of its own accord and you can't work it out scientificaly, using pencil and paper, then best get a drain poker in to sort it out.
It's weird, I can clear up happily after dogs and cats and other animals, but not humans!!
lankeela, reminds me of a tale by Alex Atterson about (famously tight-fisted) Hamish Imlach, who used the loo in a friend's house and then called through the door for some paper. The reply was, "Ach, leave it in there, you tight ***!"
(All names and characteristics in this post are not in any way related to real-life characters)
Just pour a bucket of cold water in the loo from as great a height as you can manage. This always works for us.
I once opened the door to a bloke who had a minibus full of school kids who were desperate for the loo on their trip to the coast, asking if they could use our loo. He was surprised when I refused!!

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