8Mm Copper Pipe Feeding Radiators

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j0nb0y | 15:58 Sat 16th Oct 2021 | Home & Garden
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I am changing some radiators in the house I am renovating. The feeds are in 8mm copper. Do the feeds just come through the floor into the radiator valves, as it would with 15mm copper pipe feeds, or because of the delicate nature, do they need to come from behind the radiators, so they don’t risk being kicked or damaged??? ( I have got 15mm to 8mm reducing sets for the radiator valves)
Again, any advice greatly appreciated.


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mine come through the floor - but that's from the 1970s
I'll correct that answer! The original 8mm pipes come up behind the skirting board then into the valves. I've had 2 further rads installed & their pipes come through the floor.
It's your choice entirely, Jonboy. It's quite common to have them come up through the floor, but it makes flooring/carpets etc easier if they come out of the wall. (Or from behind the rad.)
Looks a bit neater too.
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That was a retrospective question, as I have already fitted one with the new pipes coming through the floor. Then had a moment of self doubt as to whether I should have done it differently. Cheers for the replies.
8mm seems a bit small. Better with 10mm just my opinion.

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8Mm Copper Pipe Feeding Radiators

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