Nuaire Extractor Fan?

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Theland | 22:21 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Home & Garden
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This house I have moved into has a Nuaire extractor fan in the bathroom.
It goes on and off at random and the pull cord seemingly does nothing.
How am I supposed to switch it off?


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It's probably on a timed session, remaining on for a while after you turn the light off.
It may well be triggered by humidity levels and have an over-run timer basically will turn itself off when it considers it's done it's job properly ie humidity levels are low enough.
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Its not related to the light.
^no, but (as I said) could be controlled by a built-in humidistat and also an over-timer.
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That link didn't work for me Mamya.
Strange that the hot weather with presumably low humidity didn't turn it off either.
^hot weather in the UK comes with high humidity btw.
Perhaps God has an answer that you're willing to accept?
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Could be my friend :-)
That link works for me. Oddly it doesn't tell you how to turn it off but does say that the pull cord only boosts the fan speed.

Isn't there a switch outside the bathroom or inside a bathroom cupboard?
I had the same problem with a fan in my kitchen,it was running all the time so i ended up removing the fuse in the end.
From the link

"The Cyfan extract fan is fitted into kitchens, bathrooms and utility areas of your home and extracts air from these locations.

When installing your fan, your housing provider would have set your fan to work in the best way for your property, in order to make sure it is adequately ventilated.

There will be occasions however when the
humidity/moisture levels in your home will increase from above normal, usually from
cooking, bathing or showering.

During those times, the fan has a functionality to increase its capacity to remove the excess moisture. This functionality is called boost.

We recommend that during times of cooking, showering or bathing that you ensure your fan is set to boost.

There are a number of ways this can be done, and how your fan will work to boost, depends on the settings your housing provider has set when they installed the fan.

If your fan is fitted with a pull cord, this may be used as and when required to boost your fan.

You may notice that when you switch your light switch on, your fan will boost. This is
normal and once the light is switched off the fan will drop back down to normal operation."

You will need to contact whoever has provided the house to see what the settings are and see if they can be altered.

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Thanks that is very helpful.
Sorry you couldn't see the link.

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