Relaying Carpet And Underlay

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woofgang | 21:57 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Home & Garden
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I had some work done on my central heating which resulted in a leaking radiator and soaked carpet and underlay. The company are going to cough up for the damage and while I don't want to be in profit, I need to make sure they pay enough. The carpet is fine but it will need new underlay and professional relaying. I am expecting a cash offer rather than them getting the work done so wonder if anybody has any ballpark idea of how much a carpet fitter would charge to lay new underlay and refit the carpet? I am in the south of England. many thanks.


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Woof, it varies so much, I would measure the area and get quotes from local places. My last one was £50 for a room.
Fitting- not including the underlay.
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thank you. I will ask on local FB but i don't want folk to think I am offering a job. While the room is empty, I may change the carpet and then of course I will get the shop to quote for fitting whatever I choose (might be vinyl or flotex) as part of the job...but the 50 quid is very helpful...can I ask was this recent? ie within the last year or so?
Woof, about a week ago x
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Thank you thats really helpful

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Relaying Carpet And Underlay

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