Constant Noise From Trafford Park Area

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balloney | 09:52 Thu 29th Jul 2021 | Home & Garden
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This noise which has disturbed sleeping during the night also continues during the day.
It has affected my elderly mother.
It sounds like a generator(s) being used on a building site.
We live in the Stretford area, on the border of Trafford Park.

This noise has been going nonstop since February 2021.

Can anyone indicate any construction work being done in this area,
as I have found nothing ?


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You will get a better response from a local site, perhaps a FaceBook page for her area or NextDoor

You could also phone her local council and complain about the noise, I found my council to be very helpful when I had to contact them over a similar matter.
Could be an aircon system on a roof somewhere with a noisy motor, maybe council can locate it?
When I was driving down Chester Rd a few weeks ago, I noticed that were building houses near the junction of Talbot Rd, and that they have already built some apartments or houses there recently.
Sorry, just realised you said it was coming from the Trafford Park area which of course this isn't.
Does anyone else hear it? What time of day is it?
Finding where a noise is coming from in Trafford Park would be impossible unless you went in the middle of the night.
For those who don't know, it isn't a park as such, it's an industrial estate where there are lots of factories and noise.
I also hear a non stop sound,I think its coming from Kelloggs, but not 100 percent sure.

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Constant Noise From Trafford Park Area

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