Pear Tree

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Bazile | 22:08 Mon 10th May 2021 | Home & Garden
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We planted a pear tree around about summer 2019

No sign of life to date

Should we have seen some sign of life by now ?


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do you mean you planted it dead?
Did you buy a young tree from a garden centre?

If you grew it from seed it won't fruit.

They can take a few years depending on variety.
I think it's unlikely it is still alive.

Normally trees are planted in the winter while dormant. Did you really plant it in summer?
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Bought from poundstretcher

Had Just trunk and limbs when bought/planted
You can try rubbing a small piece of bark of with your thumb nail, if it's green it's still alive, if it's brown then it's dead.
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If you planted it in 2019, what was it like last year?
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Same as it is now
Definitely dead.
Are u sure it's not plastic?
If it's not greened up for a couple of years or so, I think it's pretty safe to call it dead.
3 years on average to fruiting!! but you at least should see greenery mentime, they need long sunny days and cool nights as well.

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Pear Tree

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