British Gas Scam?

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smurfchops | 14:45 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | Home & Garden
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Just had an email saying British Gas want to replace my gas and electric meters as they are “getting old”. Probably from 1960s when house was built. Is this a scam?? If not what happens if l say No? Thanks all. I had no choice but to join British Gas when Ebico moved over to them, I will be comparing prices when my tariff finishes in July anyway.


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Wouldonlybe a scam if it was not from BG. Do they want a smart meter. Just ignore it till you start switching next month if your not wanting new meters
Check with British Gas using their customer services on the website.
It could be a cunning ploy to get you to have a smart meter fitted. You could say that you don't want a smart meter.
See here

If in doubt though, phone British Gas to ask them about it.
As far as I know smart meters have to be installed in every address in the UK at a date quite soon. If they want to install a new meter it will certainly be a smart one. You don't have to have one, but why not ? I had gas and electric meters installed with SSE to save estimated bills. I would phone British Gas to be sure its genuine and arrange a new contract.
playersdigger, they have to be offered, not installed unless certain circs companies can also make having a smart meter a requirement for some tariffs
Severn Trent say they want to replace my water meter but have deferred it due to covid. I use so little I guess they think the current meter is under-reading!
no way to swap water suppliers yet!
I'd would be gobbed smacked if either of your meters are 60 years old?
Meters do have to be replaced when they reach a certain age, more so gas. You are not under any obligation to have a smart meter as the replacement.
If decide to have the smart meters make sure they are SMETS2 standard that can be read by other suppliers if you want to switch.
ubasses, that "may" have changed as that articvle is from 2018. As per my link, Ofgen now say "If your existing meter is need of replacement, for example for safety or accuracy reasons, your supplier should replace this meter with a smart meter unless there is a good reason not to. "
teacake, I had my 60 year old meters replaced this year
It is not compulsory that you have a smart meter, I think they have to meet certain targets but you are under no obligation to have one.

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British Gas Scam?

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