Dried Peas

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Daij | 18:16 Sun 03rd May 2020 | Home & Garden
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I am wondering if any knows if the dried peas that you can but in supermarkets will germinate if planted in an allotment.

Anyone know?


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I think they may be heat treated so doubt can try it by soaking a few then putting them on damp kitcehn roll on a plate, put in a plastic bag, seal it and put in a warm place either in the sun or in the airing cupboard. if they sprout then you are good to go, if they don't then you haven't wasted any time to effort.
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Thanks woofgang
My first thought was exactly the same as Woofgang's (i.e. the dried peas sold in supermarkets might have undergone some form of heat treatment) but googling 'germinate dried peas' seems to find loads of people saying that it works just fine. e.g.

So it would definitely seem to be worth a try!
I remember once doing similar with Coriander seeds and did get some results though the flavour was not powerful.
My Dad was a keen gardener, he said the dried peas ffrom the supermarket grew just fine . Plus they were a LOT cheaper !
We used to do this in Infants school with dried peas and beans. We had to bring an empty jam jar in with a dried bean or pea.The teacher would roll some blotting paper and line the jar and put our legume between glass and paper at the bottom of the jar. A drop of water and we could watch our legume start sprouting and develop with a stem and leaves. Fascinating stuff for five year olds.We had races. :-)
I remember doinf that in infant / junior scchool to ( also the same with mustard cress ) to, Retro.
So yes it will work, Daij.
Seemed to have developed a stutter there, School.
Yes, that took me back to my old junior school days, if my memory serves me well, we used butter beans in our demo.
Yes they grow, I have used them
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Excellent. Thanks everyone for your time

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Dried Peas

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