Installing A Gas Meter

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Ric.ror | 12:46 Mon 04th May 2020 | Home & Garden
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I bought a bungalow on Good Friday - it had storage heaters and the gas meter had been removed from the outside of the property
I am currently having Gas CH with a combo boiler fitted. I have contacted a company (NPower) who told me that the company who removed the meter have to reinstall it. Who do I contact to find the company who removed it?

Thanks - as always - in anticipation


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the people you bought it from?
As a rule a gas meter should be left in place even if the occupier is all electric. But if it's gone ,it's gone !
Have a look at this ..
Some companies issue some sort of "disconnection certificate", although I don't suppose your solicitor asked the sellers for it.

Failing that, contact your local Gas Network supplier. That's the company responsible for the gas pipelines in your area.
(NOT any of the many companies you might contact to provide supply and bills etc. They have nothing to do with the Network.

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Installing A Gas Meter

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