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DeeLicious | 11:40 Mon 25th Nov 2019 | Home & Garden
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Anyone on here been missold or misled by Anglian windows? Anyone know the direct line for their HQ in Norwich? All I can find online are 0800 numbers and their helpdesk won't help!


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Hallo Dee - I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask about Anglian. My experience of Anglian was a catalogue of disasters from start to finish - ending with an insurance claim.
I have various numbers for them - try 0800 458 0645
Good luck - maybe I was unlucky but I would never reccommend them.
Sorry - I've just seen you don't want 0800 numbers. I'm sure I've got a Norwich number somewhere - I'll see if I can dig it out.
can't find it Dee - found this online though 08081 6430598
Wouldn’t you be better off sending a recorded delivery letter?
Phone calls can be dismissed as “we have no record” whereas a signed for letter is harder to deny.
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thank you, but that number goes dead
Don’t get me started on how awful Anglian are! Grrrrr
Good idea Bigbad - address on line.
Try 01603 787000.
CEO is Martin Kellett I believe, if you look on FB you'll find his email address, I don't do FB. Wish I'd read your post earlier, I've just driven by, I could have banged on a few doors!
[email protected]

This was given in the EDP a couple of years ago.
I wouldn't email to the CEO will get better results.
I think youre best to put your complaint in writing too. That way you are in the system and will have taken the first step in a formal process.

Write to them at

Anglian Home Improvements
Customer Services
Liberator Road

and then look at their complaint poceedure online to see what to do next if you dont get a resolution
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zebo, for the record, that ceo email address only goes to Anglian's national customer care team

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