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sherrardk | 17:09 Sat 22nd Jun 2019 | Home & Garden
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What’s the best thing to use to clean outside windows - I’ve got a squeeze mop thing on a stick coming but should I (which actually means one of my minions) just use plain water or put some washing up liquid in to it?


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I use water with a squirt of white vinegar and a squirt of washing up liquid ,wipe over windows then get hose and rinse off then dry with my karcher (before I got the karcher I wiped over with kitchen roll )x
I always use washing up liquid
My wife advises plain water with a drop of washing up liquid. She does not specify how large 'a drop' is, but she is an expert in all things household, so perhaps you should try a small amount to start with, and then increase it as time goes on.
A drop is exactly more than a trace but less than a squirt on the international cleaning scale.

Hope this helps.
Thanks douglas. It's all crystal clear now!
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Thanks all :)
a window cleaner :)
Plain water, newspaper and elbow grease!
I'm a window cleaner (approx 25 years) and regularly get asked what do I use in my water.

The answer - good ol' washing up liquid. Don't bother with the cheaper brands, I've tried loads of them and I've always gone back to Fairy.
People also ask, how much washing up liquid should they use .... make the water as if you were doing the dishes with it (not too soapy) and then apply to the window and squeegee off with your squeegee :)
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Thanks all - will go with washing up liquid, just waiting for gizmo on a pole to be delivered so I can set one of my minions to work.
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My window cleaner charges me £5 each month, mind you he's the only house on the street where he gets tea and biscuits.
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That’s good value. Thing 2 wants to clean them and is v happy with the cleaning thingie on a telescopic pole, hoping he can do the front and conservatory over the next couple of days if it actually warms up a bit :)
AB's other window-cleaner (though long since "ex-" in my case) has got it right, Sherrardk.

And avoid products like Windolene on outer and inner glass.
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Washing up liquid worked a treat. Downstairs front windows and door all sparkly (thing 2 will do the conservatory over the weekend). Cleaning thing on a stick was excellent too (lovely thing 2 thanked me for buying it for him).
You have lovely children, sherr.
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Thank you Cloverjo, I just thought it was funny that he thought it was a gift or a treat.
Accept it for what it is, Sherr. :-)

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