Filing Cabinet Jammed

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margobo | 21:10 Mon 05th Mar 2018 | Home & Garden
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Just before moving house I found that I could not open any of the drawers in my metal filing cabinet. I tried the key but it would not turn the lock. I thought that the move my jolt the mecanism in the cabinet but no luck. I now cant access all my personal papers. Please can someone suggest something helpful.


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Drill out the lock.
Google locksmiths in your area?
Got any nail clippers.
Sharp tap with a hammer just above the lock,always worked for me.
Depending how old the cabinet is, if you tilt it backwards, you may find a bar underneath the bottom of the cabinet.

Push / pull that and it may release the locks.
In the old type metal filing cabinets, drill a one eighth of an inch hole exactly one inch in, directly above the lock and press a nail through the hole.
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Its open! My son shone a torch to the right of the gap between the top draw and the frame. He then slightly bent the metal tab which he could then see and low and behold the draw opened. Thanks for all the suggestions.
Quick, copy all the most important documents....could be worth thousands of pence.

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Filing Cabinet Jammed

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