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Tilly2 | 20:12 Thu 14th Aug 2014 | Home & Garden
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We have had a sofa bed in one of our bedrooms for the last twenty years and last night, I decided we needed to get rid of it. It is not good enough for the charity shop, having been slept on by a variety of dogs over the years.

So, today we removed the metal frame part that folds out and that is in the garage. We now have a double, upholstered, settee frame which we need to take apart as we cannot get it downstairs ourselves. How do we set about reducing it to smaller pieces? We do not have an electric saw or any useful power tools.


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Maybe use an hand saw then, Tilly.
Got a lump hammer Tilly? I'd have a go at the arms first!
It should unscrew or unbolt, tilly - ours did.
I would send for the 2 men with a Van, if you have one in your area tilly, and ask them to get rid of it for you.
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We don't want to start bashing it about in the bedroom. There are no obvious bolts to unscrew. We picked it up and looked underneath, perhaps if we cut the bottom 'lining' out there might be some in there.

Two men with a van might be just the thing, a.y.g.
Well it must have gone up the stairs, so it must be possible to get it down without breaking it up.
Tilly - just a silly question. If you got it upstairs why won't it come downstairs?
^^^ maybe someone else got it up last time...;-) .....and,Tilly and Mr t were some what younger. Just!
That room could do with having the window replaced so combine the two!
So you're saying Tilly is 'old', pasta?
Is this useful Tilly?

They say... We promise to collect your items, regardless of the condition they’re in. It doesn’t matter if your furniture’s falling to pieces, your bulky waste’s in bits and your white goods are worn out – we’ll still come and pick them up from your home!
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Maydup. That is a really useful link. Thank you. I'll give them a call tomorrow.
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Captain, Pasta is right. The delivery firm took it upstairs and twenty years have passed since. No way can we get it downstairs.
I hope it works, do let us know won't you.
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I will, Maydup. thanks.
My local council would pick it up for £20. Try yours.
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I don't know why we didn't just buy a single bed. It's hard to remember that far back.
Both sit with your backs on opposite arms and your feet likewise and, push to your hearts are content.

What's your hospital's food like?
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I shall be so glad to see the back of it!

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