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skelly | 11:39 Thu 30th Jun 2005 | Home & Garden
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Can anyone tell me from experience about installing electric underfloor heating in a conservatory? Does it work effectively all year round? What about the running costs, is there any major problem there? Can you recomend a good manufacturer to use? What is the best flooring product to use?


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I would not put in underfloor heating of any sort anywhere. Over many years I have been responsible for installing literally acres of electric and hot water underfloor heating of every type and manufacture into mansions, swimming pools, high rise flats, ordinary houses etc, and it all ends up eventually as a disappointment and a cussed expensive nuisance. Install instead conventional floor or wall mounted hot water or electric radiators. 
Personally I think underfloor heating is one of the worst ideas to enter the construction industry.  In my experience all forms are troublesome sooner rather than later and it goes without saying that the only cost effective solution is to install the type of system you should have done in the first place.  I suggest that you extend your present system into the conservatory.  Think about using a portable electric fan or convector heater.  Although not the cheapest to run the installation costs of another system will probably run this form of heating for many a year - also no disruption.
I am not sure which decade the previous posters are referring to, but I know many people (including my mother-in-law) who have electric underfloor heating in the last few years & would not dream of using anything else. Modern systems with good insulation are reliable, warm up up quickly & provide effective year-round use of a conservatory.

There are many good companies out there who offer DIY kits or a fully installed service, including & many others.....

Obviously you will do whatever appeals to you, but if you have my experience of underfloor heating (which is up to date) you will end up looking like me here .

Try a company called devimat they're good

We had electric underfloor heating *with insulation boards) installed in our conservatory 2 years ago. We use the room throughout the winter & it is very comfortable. The running costs are reasonable too, in fact the electricity bill is cheaper now than the previous year when we used a portable oil filled radiator. The company we bought the system from was Floor Heating Systems Ltd in Nottingham - tel 01159 632314 & their service was very good

i used a company called floor heating specialists last year,they also supplied insulation boards and quite a few heating elements for various floor coverages,the sevice was spot on ,no probs at all,try their website,,they also install,im very happy with the results in me bathroom and kitchen,when our budget allows us we will have underfloor heating in our conservatory,their number is 01634 313 574

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