full electric house costs??

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what..the? | 12:05 Thu 09th Sep 2010 | Home & Garden
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Hello I am moving into a fully electric house with electric underfloor heating and some sort and constant air flow system in every room due to limited light and ventilation due limited windows (house built into hill side). The house has been built with huge insulation properities I went in the other day and it was a bit on a sweat box in there. But I am uncertain on the day to day running costs for this size house I have read it would cost about £1 an hour to run the underfloor heating (not sure what temp), its a 4 storey, but small rooms on each level bit like a town house. I think the heating wont need to go on for a few months but when it does what with all in insulation i think it really wont need to be on all the time or at be on low. I also have no idea about this ventialtion system but I could have sworn he said that it not only brought in air from outside it heated in and then sent in round the house?? he said he beleived to was the cost of a light bulb or something to run?? and that it is supposed to run all the time.

This must all sound like rubbish sorry. if anyone can give me a heads up info wise or cost wise I would really appreiciate it. I already have a electricity monitor which I am sure will really help when I do move in.


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Is that £1 an hour for underfloor heating throughout the whole of the house?
i am thinking it will cost you a fortune to run! i have the air flow system in my house. its mainly electric actually but does have a gas boiler in order to heat the water. its brill in the winter when you need it and will feel it. I dont have the under floor heating but on the heating system alone i can tell you be ready for a shock. my gas is so cheap but amkes up for it with the electric. even npower say its excessive useage!!
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yes for the whole house
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donna so the airflow system costs alot?
so if the under floor heating is left on.... for 8hours accidently while your out? you could have a bill of ten pound per day? make sure you understand the dials haha!
yes hun. very excessive electric costs. i was a little taken back why my electric was high. even confronted npower but its my heating system! air flow is an older type of heating mate so why have they upgraded under floor heating etc and not ungraded to central heating? can you not ask the previous owner?
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it a whole new house with all new modern systems
might actually be suprised then hun! think the underfloor heating is a bit over the top! but the blow air is really nice and you will feel so cosy in there x
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worried sick now I feel that I wont know the cost till I move in....if i knew now if it costs a fortune I could back out and stay in my current house
i can only speak on my own findings. but think of the bill that would run up if you did by chance mess the underfloor heating up and leave it on...... always the way mate. i didnt expect to pay so much where i am now it was a big wake up call when i purchased a house but has made me more aware of things
I live in a timber summerhouse (whilst our main house is being built) and we are electric only.. inc heating and hot water.. and its a FORTUNE!!!!

a small one bed chalet type property - with double glazing and good insulation - no bath.. just a shower.. £200 per month!
Beware!!!! It will be very expensive..

and with underfloor heating - it takes a long time to warm up a house using this method only!!
right hold on.. its a new house...

ask to see the energy rating... that should give you an idea whether it will be expensive or not..

also.. I would be surprised that someone has built a new house with electric heating and hot water as the only source of energy... since all new builds since 2008 have to have some form of renewable energy (solar etc)

Has the house been fitted with a Ground Source Heat Pump? (is there a garden?). This WOULD use electric only (ie no gas) but it is very economical as it uses the heat from the earth in the garden to heat the house - works best with underfloor heating too. maybe this is what you have!

More questions need to be answered I think!
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Know I dont think it has a ground source heat pump he would have said, it is all modern systems

I think it's electric because of the location no gas. Everyone has oil so i think it is a personal choice, i dont know if underfloor heating everywhere would be cheaper that gas and radiator system e to fit in new build?

He landlord is a very reasonable chap he doesnt think the costs would be high but he says we can come to an arrangement if they are.
I asked about the underfloor heating because we have it in the kitchen. Haven't used it yet because time of the year. We were told it would cost app 30p. That's for one room..
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sorry for the bad spelling I 'm really tired

could it be an Air Source Heat Pump????

That takes air in from outside warms it up and circulates it...

Ask to see the Energy Performance Certificate...
That might help!

I'd be surprised if a new build was only electric - as by law they now have to have some form of renewable energy...
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oww .....thanks ummmm for that imput interesting 30p how big is the kitchen? and did they mean general cost to warm for a day in winter?
I suspect it is difficult to tell or compare. Depends on the insultation and suchlike.
Can't you ask to see previous bills to verify claims ?
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yes if think it is a Air Source Heat Pump and he said he was told by the managing director of the company who fitted it (who he became good friends with) that it was the smae cost of running a light bulb or something?? I have asked him if this is just slae talk and he said he asked the same they and was convinced by the guy on the bulb cost????
who lives there at the moment? can you ask previous occupiers what their bills were like.

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