underfloor heating tiled floor

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what..the? | 03:08 Wed 12th Jan 2011 | Home & Garden
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considering this for the whole of the ground floor, as the house is old we are insulating the inside of exterior walls, renovating existing DG windows. There will also be a wood burner in the lounge but is under floor heating sufficient as the main heating on the ground floor..... I had been told it is not sufficient alone.....

I am interested to go for an all electric system and do away with the oil system currently there and whole system has to be removed anyway as its a one pipe system, Then add a possible solar array, electric boiler and run economy 10?

I have been told there are primary and secondary underfloor systems and to just put the most powerful one in, if the system is warm and efficient enough I fancy putting it in upper two floors under the carpet.

I here underfloor heating stops cold spots and does away with annoying radiators which limit where furniture can be placed.

would this with a ground source heat pump be more sufficient heat wise....maybe worth looking into the cost of that?

Thanks for any help


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This is really something which your PM and architect should be advising you on ( note I said 'advising' and not 'dictating' as there are several considerations which you yourself will only be able to decide on over and above installation and running costs compared to more conventional systems). The following should help you with these decisions:

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thanks, I am doing my own research because I asked him and he said it was not enough and would still require radiators which sounded weird to me so I am checking it out
I confess to knowing little of the subject, but would have thought that unless there was a limit on how close the pipes can run next to each other, if you need more heat would you not just run the pipes closer, more compact ? Topping up by radiator does seem to defeat the object.
Re heat pumps .............. I've wanted to go this way myself in the past. You do need quite a lot of garden/site to lay the pipework .......... OR a very deep hole (vertical coil system).
One day, these are going to be the way to go ................. WHEN the silly prices come down!

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underfloor heating tiled floor

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