Need to grow Veg? No space? Read on ...

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NazNomad | 16:04 Thu 30th Dec 2010 | Gardening
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Promted by BM's plight about needing to grow veg but having a FH that prefers grass & flowers.

I've been reading a lot about keyhole gardening ... http://www.cowfiles.c...rdens/keyhole-gardens ... Maximum planting area in the minimum space combined with 'ease of use and almost self-fertilising.

I shall be trying this method on a small area next to my greenhouse.

Space isn't limited for me, I just love the concept of this garden.

Naz x


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That's a great idea. Looks fabulous as well. I've just been outside to see what I can fit in around my two beds - think there is scope for quite a bit, especially if I kill the bamboo which I HATE!

I visited my sister in law early last summer and she took us to see some friends of hers. The chap was originally a farmer in Egypt (or somewhere like that). They had a small victorian terrace with a small back yard. I was absolutely amazed at the huge number of crops he had out there. Not an inch was wasted. I must get her to send me a photo because he had some fantastic ideas.
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I'll have that Bamboo if you don't want it :-)) x
We have a small courtyard garden with most things in pots or in the very small raised borders. It's all very nice and everything just re-appears each year... very boring but low maintenance.It is also north facing and only gets part sun or about 4 months.
After watching all these programs about growing your own etc. we were inspired to tear out all the nice shrubs and replace them with a couple of bags of manure..!
Last January most of the borders were stripped ... our borders vary from 12'' to a massive 16'' and are raised 8''above the ground by using exterior timber 100x50 mm.
Last year was our first attempt at growing anything edible... In this first raised bed we put in 16 lettuce..welsh corriander...rosemary sage and chives... In the pots in front were peppers.


We could'nt eat the lettuce fast enough and ended up giving it away and everything else grew really well. In the other borders we grew tomatoes, cucumbers,courgettes, broad beans and then runner beans. None of these borders were more than 12'' across.
So yes you can grow in a limited space ... take it from a absolute begginer

By the weekend I am removing any shrubs we have kept and planning next years crop.
Alavhalf, thats the only problem, veg growing is addictive!!!!!! Good luck this year
I've got bamboo naz (I was going to say "coming out of my ears" but that gives a very odd picture!) - dead easy to grow.

The web link is a great charity, we sponsored 2 goats via Send a Cow for my MIL last year, she was really pleased (seriously!).
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Woooo, got my new Marshalls catalogue today ... :-)))

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Need to grow Veg? No space? Read on ...

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