Old Grow bags and compost

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Barmaid | 15:15 Thu 30th Dec 2010 | Gardening
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I grew a lot of veg in grow bags and compost this year. I am now progressing to raised beds. I will be buying in some top soil to put in the raised beds, but would it be OK to mix in the old compost and grow bags into the beds with some manure and perhaps soil improver?

I was always told that you never re use old compost, but it seems like a real waste.


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As long as the produce you grew in the bags previously was disease-free then mix it in, no problem.
If you have manure, soil-improver probably won't be necessary, unless it's waterlogged, then just a little sharp sand will do.
Barmaid, yes do use the old growbags etc. Also you can mix it with some low grade compost, and use it for growing seeds. I always do, and it works very well, as seeds need very little nutrition whilst they are greminating. Good luck
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No everything was disease free - a lovely crop just not enough of it!!

Having just been reading up in my veg gardening books and most say not to plant some of the things I want to in freshly manured ground, so I may have to go with soil improver instead. The ground is clay and although not waterlogged, not well drained so my brother is supplying me with some sharp sand and grit.

I'm really excited. Just wish I could get out there and do something but it's too wet.
We recompost our used compost... makes lovely stuff for next year.
Just a thought for you

if your looking to get good Produce from your raised bed, my father always said have a worm house the slundge that comes from all you waste is like black fire slug to plant growing you will have to mix with water when applying. full of nitrogen
but having the Worm farm uses up all your waste from the house and makes you feel relyant.

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Old Grow bags and compost

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