xbox 360 or ps3?

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milkybarkid | 21:05 Mon 19th May 2008 | Gaming
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hi i want to get either a ps3 or xbox 360 so i can get grand theft auto 4. i was wondering if they both play dvds and if the ps3 plays ps2 games? i've found conflicting info on google, apparently in different countries they have different features or something?


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Both have GTA 4, same game on each. Only 2 differences, exclusive downloadable content on 360, PS3 loads part of game on hard drive causing shorter loading times.

Both play DVD.

PS3 plays Blue ray

Newer PS3�s (40GB) do not play PS2 games, as I found out after getting one. Older 60GB model plays most popular PS2 Games
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thanks that's really helpful

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xbox 360 or ps3?

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