Fat Burning..

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_Mollster97_ | 16:05 Sun 26th Sep 2010 | Food & Drink
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anybody know any fat burning foods?


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hahah, i wish :L
Not fat burning but Chillis quicken your metabolic rate. As does black pepper..
Chillies, grapefruit, pineapple, lean protein and eggs.
You mean foods with negative calories?

here are several fruits and vegetables that occur in nature that while they have calories when consumed, are said to actually result in negative calories or a calorie deficit after digested. According to this theory, these foods cause the body to extend more calories to digest than contained in their nutritional content. The result would make them zero calorie foods after digestion.

If you believe this theory, then these foods can basically be consumed without feeling guilty. They are healthy and provide nutritional content your body needs, but they do contain calories. Keep in mind, also, that even according to this zero calorie theory these foods only have this negative calorie effect when consumed without extras added to them like butter, sugar or dips.
Negative Calorie Foods Asparagus Apple
Beet Cranberries
Broccoli Grapefruit
Cabbage Lemon
Carrot Mango
Cauliflower Orange
Celery Pineapple
Chile peppers Raspberries
Cucumber Strawberries
Dandelion Tangerine
Garden cress
Green beans
eat tuna (either fresh or canned in brine - not oil and pineapple (not tinned in syrup).
eat both at the same time.... can add into a very small amount of brown rice.
Threrу are no food which can burn fat, scientists proof that

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Fat Burning..

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