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TBinEye | 10:28 Thu 22nd Jul 2010 | Food & Drink
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I was lucky enough to attend a function at Cliveden (where most of the action during the Profumo scandal took place) On entering we were given a glass of champagne, which was absolutely magnificent, and it was NOT dry (brut) but sweet and heavenly! My question is, if I wanted sweet champagne, what do I ask for? And where does the 'Sec' and 'Demi Sec' come. I an understandably relucant to pay £20 to £50.00 and then find I don't like it. I HATE Brut champagne!


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Level of Dryness: This refers to the amount of residual sugar per liter. The different levels include Extra Brut, Brut Sauvage, Ultra Brut, Brut Integral, Brut Zero 0.6 percent, Brut 1.5 percent, Extra Dry, Extra Sec 1.2 to 2.0 percent, Sec 1.7 to 3.5 percent, Demi-Sec 3.3 to 5.0 percent, and Doux (sweetest) 5 percent and up.

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I suggest trying a bottle of the sec and the demi sec and see what your personal taste is like.

Probably worth noting that the percentage of the cost that is covering the product itself, isn't large, so pay a little more and you can get a large step up of quality.

Sure you weren't given Pomagne with a champagne bottle on the tray ?
Danger...sweeter champagnes are really addictive....especially with puddings
Sweeter champagne also contains more calories.
But so decadent and western mcmouse
while you're trying out the various sweetnesses (is that a proper word?) why not give spanish cava a go first, and try the brut, sec, demi-sec, etc. they're a lot cheaper than 'proper' champagne so it wouldn't be as expensive while you're getting to know the different levels of sweet/dry which appeal to you. it is in fact the spanish equavallent of champagne but can't be called champagne.
Don't forget the Italians!! Frascati - a moscato or Asti spumante is very nice - Martini make a rose and a spumante at around £12 shop around
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asti spumante, cava, champagne - a wine by any other name, different countries, different names.
You'd need to ask for Demi Sec.

Incidentally, Taittinger do a purple label champagne which is sweeter than brut.

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