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latrigg | 11:26 Thu 09th May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
9 Answers

1.  Short tea for two

2. Stain on paper on the run

3. Stroll after taking a solid tablet


all answers are dances. Any help appreciated

TGB Gatehouse

closing 17th May 2024



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2. Foxtrot 
11:31 Thu 09th May 2024

1. Cha cha?

2. Foxtrot 

3. Cakewalk

A cake is a solid tablet

how does foxtrot work please 

^ Mottling on old paper is called foxing.

Trot(s) = diarrhoea = run(s)

thankyou Calibax x

You're welcome mally. Sorry it was'nt a more pleasant explanation!

i've learnt another word now x

Trot also means to move faster than walking, with short steps - on the run.

Diarrhoea didn't occur to me

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