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what a plonker

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mollykins | 16:07 Mon 17th May 2010 | Food & Drink
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my neice who we've only met today is coming for tea, but dad didn't check if she had any dietry requirments. So what did he do, he bought a £30 piece of beef and now has found out she can't digest it, so has had to by chicken aswell.

Have any of done that before?


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Never heard of anyone not being able to digest beef before....
yes, a simple mistake to make though.

the beef can be cut into small potions and frozen so he hasnt wasted it
Nope, however if your old man doesn't want the beef I'll take it off his hands
Might be a euphemism for being veggie?
Me either, maybe she just doesn't like it and that's what she tells people?
When she gets married molly it will be Beef and two Veg every night......
Unles she marries a vegan, then it will be a lima bean and two petit pois everynight
It's "niece"..........."dietary requirements".....? after "do"....and buy....(not by)'re 16 remember, Molly, not 8

oh and................

Have any of done that before?

"you" went to the bathroom for a minute :0)

Need to revise more, young lady
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she is married, but her husband hasn't come wth her as he can't get the time off work.

She said she can't eat any red meat but things like chicken, fish and pork are fine with her.
Can she eat Spam?
ouch yogi! :-) mollykins usually when I have people over for tea I ask them first if they are ok with beans on toast
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sorry, i was in a rush, i wanted to ask this before i forgot, and i had to pop to the loo.
Was it for a number one or a number two's?
Question Author
Just give her gruel and tell her to like it or lump it. Ungrateful cow!!

Question Author
its the first day we've met her, and it was a bit inconsiderate of dad not to ask her if there is anything she couldn't eat.

Its diferent, choosing to be veggie, but if she really can't digest red meat properly and it makes her ill, then you can't force her to make herself ill.

Also, would this mean that dad can't put the meat juices into the gravy. . . .?
That'll teach you to drink too much Kia-ora at school.......or did you not have enough money today..... and stayed on the water fountain?
Give her spam, double spam, egg, chips, baked beans, spam, spam, sausage and.........spam :0)
Chicken juices = Chicken Gravy molly. Beef goes in Freezer as merciasounds suggested
Yogi, what should she have for pudding?

Molly if she likes white meat, then I've got some for her ;-)

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what a plonker

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