Freezing soup....

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ummmm | 16:29 Mon 17th May 2010 | Food & Drink
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Just made a pot of soup and anyone would think I had 10 kids or something.

How well does it freeze? It's cauliflower soup and contains milk and cream?


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Nope - it'll be very watery when it's thawed. Cream thaws fine, it's the milk every time. You could try, and tip off the excess water once it's thawed - but then there's just 'something' about frozen cauli that gives me the heebie-jeebies
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Bummer.....It tastes really nice as well and it's not even finished.

So in future if I take half out before I add the milk it should be ok?
I freeze a brocolli soup I make and it has milk in as is fine when it`s defrosted (it is skimmed milk though - maybe it`s the fat that ruins it)
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I'll try it....worth a go.

It was full fat milk as well....

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Freezing soup....

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