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Carrot and Walnut Cake

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Seadragon | 17:20 Thu 25th Mar 2010 | Food & Drink
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Can anyone please advise me on a substitute for the use of oil in a carrot and walnut cake? I have always used 12 oz's carrot to 8oz flour 8oz sugar and 6 oz oil. However I am not so keen on using so much oil and usually add about 4 oz's which results in the cake baking for about one and a half hours with three quarters of it cooked.

Should I stick with the 6 oz or could I substitute for something healthier?


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Might be better with butter! Seriously, most cake recipes need the quantities shown in the recipe to get a balance so that it will cook and in making cake oil or fat is essential and in the correct proportions - this article gives some data:
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Coincedently (misspelt) I was going to log out until I saw that you had posted! Thank you Androcles. I had a quick read of your link and will definitely be dipping into it again sometime tomorrow. I am not aware of a recipe that uses butter in this cake but maybe it is worth trying?

The link is fascinating though - 'sugar never to exceed 100% of the weight of flour' - that is so true. 'Fat 50% of amount of sugar'. Usually I reduce sugar and fat in cake recipes and add slightly more baking powder for a fluffier texture. 'All ingredients must be balanced' - this is interesting because Barefoot Contessa recommends extra large eggs in cake recipes which I abide by so its difficult to really judge the balance I would think?

And I really like the analyses of methods esp the Muffin method of mixing cakes - I admit to putting the mixture into a blender and zapping all ingredients - its fast, its quick, its great, but apparently this method can produce a coarser texture so I will bear this in mind next time! - although people like my cakes! Thank you again Androcles, you have been so helpful. x

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Carrot and Walnut Cake

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