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ILNY | 21:14 Wed 06th Aug 2008 | Food & Drink
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Whats the best type of shark to eat? ive heard that blue shark is not great but i am not too sure, does anybody know?


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i'm surprised you would want to know...what with them nearly being hunted to extinction. how about having some respect for the planet you live on or would you rather sit in your fur coat scoffing down some nice rare shark served up to you by a starving african child????
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with all respect gonzo00 - i dont sit around in a fur coat, scoffind down a shark, and i do not know any starving african children. Also, you might realise, many sharks out there, are not close to extinction as you put it, i would not eat one, if it was. It was a question - not, i am going to eat one, just a general question as i wondered after watching a TV show - at no point, did i say, or even imply anything.
In the Castaway books , Lucy Irving and Gerald Kingsland detail their experiences of living on a desert island in the Torres Straits. They caught & ate many sharks and said that the tastiest was baby lemon shark.
gonzo is right though.

Don't eat them in real life.

Nature has put them at the top of their particular food chain. Leave them there.

Did I just use the words ...

"gonzo" ... "is" ... and ... "right" ...

... in the same sentence ???????????????

I need a drink. glug glug glug

the one that is about to eat you


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since it is a fish, i posted it in here - COD is worse as its close to extinction, yet more people eat cod in a day than people eat shark in a year.

All i wanted to know, is if blue shark, was tastey or not.

Not saying i am going to eat this right now, but i just wnated to know (curous) - i much prefer swordfish and sea bass in my fish
sea bass "in" your fish ??

So that's ... sea bass stuffed with sea bass ??

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excuse me, im dyslexic but you know what i mean joggerjayne - in my fish plate, for all the fish i like to eat
ahemmmmm!...are you saying we don't usually get on???
This person posted a fair question. There is nothing wrong with eating a shark. I do not think he or she is a Japanese tonnage fisher looking to make money on the answer in this blog. And the fur coat comment, get a life. I cry for that head of lettuce you just cut up.......
Apparently "gonzo" is - female with sexual deficiency - one of this - happily married, having whole footbol team of " beutifull little children" and sex once every new year.
Sick and tired of that breed!!! They are so afresive trying to dictate everybodys life, taste, thinking and.........just find yourself a "nice little rope and nice little stone" go to nearest big water and do everybody a favor!!!
Mako is the best (so I am told) and leamon is quite good. We should eat more shark as at the momment they are predominantly fished for their fins and then dumped.
Wow you tree huggers are something else. "Don't eat the shark they are part of nature." Everything is a part of nature Re Re. If it were up to you people we wouldn't be able to eat anything but their own s&!# and pi$$. Some shark species are booming like Bonnethead and Blacktip. A true fisherman knows what species are endangered and releases them. WE ONLY KEEP WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO LEGALLY EAT!

To answer your question yes Blue Shark is edible. But shark urinate through their skin (except Mako). So as soon as they are caught the tail needs to be cut off so they bleed out all toxins. Once the have been fully bled our gut and then skin it. After that cut it into steaks and pack in ice. This should all be done within 30 minutes of being removed from the water. To remove the last of the ammonia taste the steak can be marianted (something with sugar, vinigar, and salt) or soaked in milk for at least 2 hours. To cook it is best to grill, smoke, or bake. Here is a list of the best tasting shark after the above steps, in order of taste (atlantic coast).
1. Mako (short fin)
2. Blacktip
3. Thesher (never ever the Big-Eye)
4. Bonnethead
5. Lemon
6. Dogfish
7. Blue
8. Tiger
9. Bull

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