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sheffwed39 | 23:37 Wed 03rd May 2006 | Food & Drink
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please could anyone tell me how to make the perfect soft boiled egg for my toasted soldiers. i keep cracking the shells and all the middle solidifies in the water. thank you .


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Everyone wants a different result but there are only trial and error ways to get what you like.

Don't forget you really only should use fresh eggs. To check if the egg is fresh, drop it into a glass of water - if it floats it is stale. Eggs that sink are the fresh ones.

Well, mine works for me, I put an egg into a pan of Cold water, and bring it to the boil, as soon as it starts to bubble I time 3 mins. Take it out, cut the top off and dig the yolk gently with a knife to disturb it, (eggs continue to cook in their shell). If it's a large egg and I do this, sometimes it's too runny, so I just put the top back on and it continues to cook in the egg cup. Lurpack on hot toasted soldiers & dash of salt die for. (well obviously not literally)
make sure the eggs are at room tempreture, if you use them from the fridge they will crack, i get the water to boiling and place the eggs ij gently and boil for 3 mins 30 secs, oh i cant wait to have dippy eggs when i have had my baby!
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thank you for your answers. i will give it a go tomorrow
HI sheffwed39, I usually put some ordinary white vinegar in the water. Should there be any small cracks,it helps to coagulate the white and seal the exit. I believe some people put salt in the water for the same reason but not too sure if that works as well.
It's a mistake to keep eggs in a fridge, even though the fridge makers provide a compartment for them. Store them at room temperature and they'll still last up to their Best Before date. They don't store them on refridgerated shelves in the supermarket, do they? Your great grandmother would keep them on the mantlepiece over the cooking range. Forget the vinegar, too. (Sorry, waimarie, but...). If you put a tablespoon or so of salt in the water (be generous!), and bring it to the boil, you can lower the eggs into the water and the shell won't crack. Putting them in cold water to start with means that a change in pan size, or choice of cooking ring, will alter the cooking time. Boiling the water first gives much more consistent results.Give them three minutes exactly. Remember that 'cos they're hot they'll continue cooking, even in the eggcup, so serve them up and dip your soldiers straight away.

At the rounded end of the egg is a pocket of air which expands during boiling, cracking the shell.

Prick a hole with a pin in the before boiling. The hole lets the air escape without cracking the shell.

Sheffwed, I used to have problems boiling eggs too. They'd always break and I'd manage to over or under-cook them! So I referred to Delia Smith's 'How To Cook'. It has all the basics in there and now my eggs are always spot on. Here's the website which gives 2 methods for perfect boiled eggs:-

I have always used Method Two as desrcibed in the link above........ perfect eggs every single time :-)
Oh! I must add if using the above method on an electric hob ensure the it is up to full heat before placing the pan on!
Hi I always boil my eggs the way curiosity suggests perfect every time enjoy

With regard to the refrigeration of eggs:

Eggs for domestic use do not receive any refrigeration prior to purchase (although they are maintained at a constant-ish temperature before arriving on the shelf) but it is advisable to put them in the fridge after purchase to inhibit the growth of Salmonella.

BTW eggs for industrial use may be held in cold storage for weeks/months prior to their being transported to the processor.

These are brilliant perfect eggs eveytime

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wow so many suggestions. i will have to try various ways to get the prefered boiled egg. thanx to all of you who have replied.
Whatever you do...DO NOT use a microwave.

I sadly made this near fatal mistake after undercooking the eggs.

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