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Favourite Food ?

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JDALion200 | 13:06 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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What's your favourite food 



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Salmon with a dollop of mayonnaise, steamed vegetables, and new potatoes.

Greek salad in the sunshine

Ooh! depends what mood I'm in. However, I will always eat, toad in the hole, sausage and mash or a fried egg sandwich.

A really good Sunday roast with all the trimmings 

I really like a lot of things but my favourite would have to be something fishy - either a nicely steamed peice of salmon or good old juicy cod with big flakes from the chippy.

It has to be cooked just right though..

Any pasta meal.

Seafood and chicken paella. I promised myself once to have the authentic mountain one with hare and snails but they are too quick  for me.

As Rocky says, depends on my mood, but basically I love all food (well, except escargots) and it is ten times better if someone's cooked it for me.

roast lamb ,new potatoes with mint sauce x

I love escargots Cap'n. Ihave 5 punnets in the freezer from Lidl's French week. Iwas amazed by my eldest grand daughter joined me in a plate when she was about 8 years old. She liked the garlic butter I think

I probably would like them, Retro - if I could get the damned things in my mouth! **shudder**

King prawns cooked in garlic, chilli and sun dried tomatoes with fresh tagliatelle.

Sticky toffee pudding and custard. 


Think of them as little weevils in ship's hard tack. Protein.

Jacket potatoes topped with butter , cream cheese , spring onions and fried crispy bacon

ATM, couscous!

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