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melv16 | 16:19 Thu 21st Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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....bacon and onions for me tea tonight.




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Lamb's? - you're making me jealous.

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Lambs liver with mash and cabbage.

Lamb shanks,chickpeas,chorizo and Mash for us.

I'm having the same as Melv but with green beans.

I like liver and onions, with mashed potatoes and carrots

I love lamb's liver. It's not often to be found on menus these days, or kidneys come to that. I had kidneys in Calvados at a local restaurant many years ago I've never forgotten it.....delicious 

Kidneys can be difficult to find nowadays - I think the younger generations shun offal. We used to like grilled pork chops with kidney but they don't seem to be allowed to sell them nowadays.

When I was at secondary school I used to go home for dinner. On Wednesdays mum would leave me some cooked liver and onions and I'd make a panful of chips to go with it. Then my mate would drop on on his way back to school and we'd make a second pan of chips.

I remember those pork chop bhg I haven't seen them about either

My butcher sells chops with kidneys attached but you have to ask for them

Not advertising, this isn't my butcher and I've never bought from them but showing you can buy chops with kidneys

Question Author

It's my turn to cook on Sunday and seeing kidney was mentioned,  I think steak and kidney pudding will be served. Whilst I'm steaming stuff I'll add treacle pudding to the menu with some posh vanilla custard from the supermarket. 

barry - thanks for that - we'd stopped looking for them. I'll have to check a few local buchers (we like to choose our meat ourselves).

Liver, kidneys, heart, tripe no..... leave animals organs alone. 
it's devil food . 

coouldn't agree more, anne. But aren't you legally required to eat a haggis once a year to retain Scottish citizenship?

Seeing that Haggis contains most of the offal that you could stuff in it that comment from a Scot has to be on the joke page. Devil's food my april.

I'm unaware of any English food that contains 'lights'

bhg //I think the younger generations shun offal.//

Very sensible. I'd rather starve.

Offal isn't awful.

Just need to be open minded about great food.

Jno. Not all haggis are awful........


For those of you who eat liver, would you cook and eat a human liver if they were available to buy? If not, why not?

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