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Easter Sunday

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Vagus | 15:48 Wed 20th Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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We have visitors from overseas visiting and I'd like to do a roast turkey dinner on Easter Sunday, with all the trimmings, much like a Christmas dinner. I'm finding it difficult to find a whole turkey though so may have to find an alternative.

What do you do, if you make an Easter Sunday roast?



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I would normally do a leg of lamb.

You may find whole turkeys in the frozen section of supermarkets.  If you have a butcher local to you, you could go for a cockerel.  Also do look online.

I swear by our local butcher's free range chickens.  I have often done a couple of those when I need a large bird roast.

Lamb is a traditional Easter roast and there tend to be special offers in the supermarkets at this time of year.

I don't do Easter Sunday...but when I was young, roast/baked ham was traditional. So was lamb. I'd say they both still are. I'd choose lamb.

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Lamb and a decent chicken are the two alternatives I've considered.

I hesitate about lamb simply because I can't remember the last time I cooked a whole leg and don't feel confident I wouldn't mess it up 🙄

Dont think I've ever seen a cockerel for sale, must go and ask our local family butcher, he seems to stock most things. 🐔🐓


If you slow cook a leg in the oven (for anything up to around 7 hours) it is melt in the mouth tender and it needs very little chef involvement.  If you have an Instant Pot or a Ninja you can do it in 90 mins (although most IPs or Ninjas will not take a whole leg, but I do half a leg in mine).

How many are you catering for?  I had a 9lb cockerel on Christmas Day for 7 of us and I was sick of cockerel by 28th December.

Sorry Vagus, where did you say you live?😄

Question Author

Only four of us probably Barmaid, maybe six, depending.

I had no idea about capons/cockerels, and that capons are illegal to produce in this country, you certainly live and learn.

One of our visitors is very keen to have pigs in blankets, and multiple stuffings, so I think I'm going to go with either cockerel or a couple of decent chickens, I don't think lamb would go with the accompaniments.

Thanks people, you've focussed my choice 👍🙂

If you can't get cockerel just one large free range chicken should do 4 easily.  If 6, I would probably do 2 small ones.  

This post has concentrated my mind too, since I realise I have dinner guests on Good Friday.  And it just prompted me to check whether everyone is OK with lamb.

Most of the supermarkets seem to have frozen whole or crown of turkeys.

Trouble is, I really fancy a lamb dinner now.  This post has made me feel really hungry.

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Margo, you're right!!  Thank you 🤩 
Last time I looked I couldn't find any, well, maybe a turkey crown but I don't like them, far too dry.

Thats it, I'm off to Sainsbury's 🥳

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Don't forget the mint sauce and/or redcurrant jelly 😋

Vagus, ok, ignore me. I didn't want to join you anyway!

Make sure you take cash ;)

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Sorry Barsel,I got carried away with all the food.

I live in the outer Hebrides, in a small cottage with no running water, electricity or main drainage.

The turkey will be cooked over an open fire, it'll probably only take four days to cook through.

You up for it?? 😉

Glad you're sorted Vagus 🙂 I usually go for a crown as there are only 3 of us but I put loads of butter and streaky bacon over it and that helps

Buy a large chicken instead of a turkey but do the turkey trimmings.

what time shall I come round and help?

Lamb is easy. Score slits all over it and stick in clove garlics. Mix a mint and cranberry marinade and baste frequently while cooking.

Ham score deeply and stick in cloves. Make marinade of honey, pineapple juice and mustard. Baste frequently

Oh poop...I wanted lamb...even with piggies in blankies 🙄😆


If we all trek out to the Outer of each will be needed.

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Easter Sunday

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