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Do You And Your Other Half Like A Drink When You Go Out?

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dave50 | 18:11 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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If so, is there ever a time when one of you has a few drinks and not the other, when driving for example? My wife and I never do that, it's either both of us drinking or neither of us. I can't see the fun in one of us drinking and not the other,doesn't seem fair.



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why not alternate?

This hinges on the notion that an enjoyable evening is inextricably bound up with the consumption of alcohol - one of you will have a better time with a drink than the other will without a drink.

Your way of beating that situation is for both of you to drink, or neither of you.

Not a problem for us - I am teetotal and usually drive by mutual choice. The most my wife may have is a shandy, or a brandy coffee.

When I was single and out with friends, I always drove, I have a perfectly good time without the relaxant of alcohol. 

Yes.  We both like a gin & tonic or a few glasses of wine but we're not bothered if we don't have it.  Sometimes I drive but more often than not lately my husband drinks alcohol-free beer when we're out and does the chauffeuring.  

Most time we take it in turns to drive. Rarely will be both drink when out.

If we go somewhere in the car, generally, neither of us will drink; although, that can depend on where we have gone and why.

If we have travelled by other means we decide, as individuals, whether to drink, or not.

We are both able to enjoy ourselves without the benefit of alcohol. 

Generally we both have something to drink. I usually drive back so I limit the amount. I don't believe total abstinence is needed. 1 pint is usually my limit. 1½ if desired. Unless one is drinking a particularly strong brew that should be well under the legal limit. (These days it tends to be with a meal at the same time, been a heck of a while since we just went out to drink, which probably goes to show what age does to someone.)

My husband is more of a 3 times a year binge drinker and teetotal the rest so usually drives as I like 1 or 2 at the most but always. Mind you we don't go out for a drink much, this is usually with meals out or family dos. When he does a want to drink I prefer to stay home. I find most drunk men fairly obnoxious (but then my first husband was an alcoholic).

I'm sure your men or you men are lovely drunks before you take offence. It's my problem that I have an issue with it.

We usually both drink, unless wherever we're going is uncabbable or there isn't a hotel nearby. Then it depends why we're going, if it's for his family or friends, I'll drive, or if it's mine, then I'll drive.  These scenarios are few and far between, thank God.

We're not bothered if we drink alcohol or not, it certainly doesn't mean we don't have a good time without it. 

I am always concerned when people indicate that they are playing Russian Roulette with the legal alcohol limit. 

To me, the motivation is simply not to be over the legal limit if breathalysed  rather than considering fitness to drive safely when impaired by the effects of alcohol. 

That leads to an 'I know my limit' attitude, which xan vary with a number of factors such as time of last meal, last drink, amount of sleep, type of alcohol consumed, and so on.

It means that the 'limit' people ascribe to themselves is inaccurate, and makes the risk of an accident into a game of chance. 

Because alcohol is woven into our culture as an acceptable narcotic of choice, my response to drink driving will never be debated, much less adopted -

Anyone caught driving with any alcohol in their system - life ban, no exceptions.


I agree andy and I'm a drinker but I'd say trace as the body does actually make it's own alcohol in the absence of any supplied. It does need a small amount. I also think it's harsd to ban people for life for having a trifle. So yes but make the limit say 5 rather than 35.

The existing limit is where it is because rational thought went into it (for once). It's not a case of Russian Roulette as some may try to spin it. It is going by the sensible balance decided upon, and wanting to ban any drinking at all is simply being draconian, presumably in the hope of penalising decent citizens due to some internal need to be controlling.

Old Geezer  - I have no desire to be controlling. 

In an ideal world,  every motorist would abstain totally from alcohol if they were going to drive a vehicle.

Because the world is not ideal, the ban would eliminate those who feel that laws are for other people. 

Just this afternoon we had a trip out to an historic hostelry for the statutory pie or fish and chips.

The gaffer said 'I'll drive back if you want a drink'.

'Cherie', I said, 'I can get a 10 pack of beer and a bottle of whisky on spesh with 1000 points into the bargain for the same as these delusional clowns are asking for a bottle of wine.'

I did and am now off to bed, all mellow.

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Do You And Your Other Half Like A Drink When You Go Out?

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