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Our Meal This Evening

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Vagus | 17:28 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Will be sausage baguettes and a bottle of fizz..the fizz 🍾is to celebrate seeing the last of the tradespeople today, who we've had through our door, on and off since last September. The sausage baguettes 🌭are because we didn't have them the other day as planned.

You having anything interesting/nice/boring/exciting?



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Yea, Fisn n chips 😁

sausage, giant mushroom, egg, beans and turkey bacon


Quiche and wedges

What's sausage baguettes? Is it a bit of French stick with a sausage in it?

I'm vegetarian but I could enjoy a veggie sausage in bread, but I don't personally enjoy fizzy wine with food.


BTW I'm doing 'sausage', chips and beans for 'er indoors, with a simple green salad and a bottle of cheap claret. Gotta go: she'll be back any minute.


Have just had home-made cheese flan with a few chips.  

Atheist, just out of interest have you tried Cauldron vegetarian sausages?  When we do bbqs we get them for our veggie friends.  They're really nice.

faggots, baked potato and pea.

Just the one pea, Alan?  πŸ˜€

I took some prawns out of the freezer...that's as far as I've gotten.

We are having Jacket spuds, probably with cream cheese and prawns.

Desperation 'fry-up' 'cos I'm hobbling.  Italian meatballs (3) smoked back bacon rasher each, chestnut mushrooms and an egg each. Probably chips for him as  well... I don't know yet.

Homemade Alabama chilli with spicy rice and salted caramel cheesecake.

Youngs Cod in Parsley sauce, mash, carrots , sweet potatoes, peas and pack choi.

fresh mackerel fillets marinated in lemon juice, garlic and olive oil to be served on a bed of watercress, some baby new spuds roasting at the moment along with chicory and 'La Mauya' red pepper strips.

Cauli cheese, carrots & mash with an unknown piece of meat out of freezer. It's either pork loin or fillet steak ? Be rate.

Naomi; I don't know what brand our sausages are. I prefer not to buy processed food like that, but Mrs A finds it easier to shop for such stuff. I much prefer more basic ingredients like dahl (lentils) and vegetables. She shops and I cook.


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A bit like that atheist, I bake the small baguettes at home but buy them part baked. We find them nicer than having a sausage sandwich.

The fizz was partaken a little earlier than the sausages, I too am not keen on fizz with food.

jollyroger, I do enjoy freezer bingo occasionally πŸ˜‰

Hope you all enjoyed your meal, or are about to enjoy it, we certainly did. Sausages were followed by a couple of Costco mini chocolate brownies which are very, very, VERY moorish πŸ˜‹

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And we can have a lie in tomorrow, with no tradesmen appearing at 8am, which probably means well both be up at 6am πŸ™„

aunt bessies frozen carrot and swede frozen veg.

disgusting, straight in the bin. Even the bin didn’t want it.

I've decided that the prawns are to be "Tuscan"...panfried in butter with loads of garlic, chilli because I like it, chives but should be basil, cream, parmesan and a handful of halved cherry tomatoes thrown in at the end.

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