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Your Evening Meal Tonight

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ethandron | 17:51 Sat 23rd May 2015 | Food & Drink
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Ok, so what are you having?
We popped the cork on a bottle of Adeletto prosseco earlier (currently on offer at the co op and very, very nice) and I'm about to go and slave in the kitchen and rustle up farfalle pasta with mushrooms, courgettes, bacon, creme fraiche and Parmesan...a bit of walnut cob to mop up the juices too, if we don't lick our plates.
What's floating your culinary boat this sunny bank holiday Saturday?


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supper out tonight! Local pub does a good spread.
Some toast with some Ardennes Pate on, was on offer in Tesco for £1!

Might have a chicken noodle simmer soup if still hungry.
It's Saturday, so pizza for me
Blimey ethandron - that sounds lovely! I was just wondering what to have too, I think it will be carbonara tonight but I may fry off some sliced chicken to add in too with some roast tomatoes on the side for good measure.
Hope you have a nice meal out DT xx
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Ooh Eve, I love Ardennes pate, that's good value at £1!
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Peas, it really is scrumptious...and very easy and quick. Your carbonara sounds pretty tempting...:)

I'm sat at the breakfast bar between kitchen and dining area, OH was wandering about with a large(ish) chunk of salmon a while back so I guess that's going to figure in it somewhere.
Wife's away tonight so me and daughter are having a takeaway.

Chicken Dhansak, Mushroom rice for me
Chicken Korma, egg fried rice for her.
Only me tonight - swordfish with grilled veg is on the menu.
^ That sounds spot on hammerman! Not sure what I'm having yet, not long in from taking granddaughter to the park & I'm not sure I can be bothered cooking at the moment.
It's lovely! Had it on some French stick last night. It's a Tesco Finest too so a very good offer for £1! Given it has to be used up quickly, just such a shame there is only me here to eat it all..... :D
No sun here in Bedford...Going round my friends to have steak cooked for me with chips and garlic mushrooms. Yum!
Sirloin steak, lyonnaise potatoes , salad and Eurovision
Salmon on a bed of rocket with sweet chilli sauce, it was very tasty, washed down with a nice Pinot Grigio.
Lazy night, chips and ham with a couple of eggs on top of the chips so that the yolks run into the chips. OK, we're plebs! George Gently for us and I'm going to have another go at watching The Game.
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Nowt wrong with ham egg and chips zebo :)
Interesting that no one is having a BBQ...
Think I'll give Eurovision a swerve, definitely not to my..err..taste ;)
The OH is presenting me with a venison pie which he has made from scratch apart from the pastry with new pots and peas. 5 minutes before service I believe.
Actually I rather have what you are having Anagram. But Mr.Sam likes his meat :(
I can join you with the Pinot Grigio though ! Cheers all !

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Your Evening Meal Tonight

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