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Thoughts On Fasting

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drobi619 | 21:14 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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This is probably a stupid question, but what would you think about me only eating three meals weekly? This will not exclude me from drinks as I am so on the go and busy in a week that I only have time for possibly liquid meals outside of the three meals I can give myself time for. Give me your thoughts, please 



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What drinks do you drink?

Yes, I agree - it's stupid.

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Well, things like coffee, protein smoothies, energy drinks and anything that gives me the proper nutrients for my workouts 

drobi; Drinks like that will make 'young bones'.

Why do you think you can live and thrive without eating solids and real food? If you carry on like that you are throwing away your life.

You don't need to ask other peoples' opinions about this. Do whatever you like.

You'll be eating three meals weakly if you carry on like that.

Surely, everyone can make time to sit down and eat a meal. Living on protein bars and shakes doesn't sound like much fun. If you enjoy your food, I don't think you will stick to this plan. 

I think you will become ill to be honest. You need a regular and balanced diet.

can you at least batch cook and microwave if you are short on time?

That's not fasting, that's starving.  You need a good balanced diet with regular meals.  This will keep your bones and muscles strong and regulate your blood sugars.  

It seems to me that the only reason why you want to fast,is to save time. Not eating proper meals, but having protein smoothies and energy drinks is not fasting. Plus those things are often full of sugar.

Have you actually done any research on fasting? Or do you think it's just not eating? I know you want to lose weight, but if you don't eat properly, you'll lose muscle and weaken your body.

Some people can do fasting...but they have usually read up about it and worked out what's right for them. I don't think you have. You need time to take care of yourself. 

"I am so on the go and busy in a week..."

Then you need to rearrange your life. 

"Well, things like coffee, protein smoothies, energy drinks and anything that gives me the proper nutrients for my workouts "

Nothing like that will give you the necessary components of a proper diet. You need fibre, protein and vitamins that only solid food can properly provide over a long term. Smashing up and liquifying your food removes many of its benefits. If you are working out you obviously care about your health and to do as you suggest is a recipe (excuse the pun) for disaster. It will make you ill.

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Thoughts On Fasting

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