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What To Accompany My Main Course?

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NoseyNose | 17:12 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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I am providing the main course for a friends"Do it Yourself" Dinner.

Each person brings a course they have made themselves.

Mine is a Mediterranean vegetable stew,which tastes better than it sounds!

What should I provide as an accompaniment?

For instance posh mash,any pasta,noodles etc

Some suggestions please.

Thank You.



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Mash or rice would be lovely, Gordon.   My preference would be mash.  

If I was eating it I'd choose mash.

Potato and swede mash.  Adds some colour too.

Just because I don't think potatoes suit me, I tend to use rice or pasta with stews, mince, etc. and I enjoy the meal. People might think macaroni and mince is odd but I like it!

Cous cous with flaked almonds, spring onions through it.

I have no suggestions for you Gordon as I eat plain boring food, but I just want to say well done you, you've come so far, really pleased for you. x

Are you vegetarian? Anyway my suggestion would be a garlic baguette.

I'd be tempted to just serve it with some nice crusty bread.

However the BBC Good Food website says: "Serve with wild and white basmati rice, mash or quinoa":

Garlic bread.

I'd keep it very simple and not bother with  mash, rice or pasta all of which need cooking, but serve it with loads of crusty baguette and nice butter, as well as garlic bread (not everyone likes garlic bread). Your Mediterranean veg stew will need lots of bread to mop up the tasty juices 😋

Garlic bread for me too.

Hazlinny @ 16:38. //People might think macaroni and mince is odd but I like it!//

And so do many who enjoy Bolognese! 

Crusty or garlic bread.

How times have changed. Once of a day just a bowl of  stew would have been an adequate meal with perhaps a slice of bread. 

Wheatberries or orzo, with fresh herbs stirred through.

Question Author

A big thank you too all who answered my query!

I think that the consensus has to be garlic bread.

You see,that hadn't occured to me,but now that I have seen it,garlic bread it shall be!


I was going to give a big 'heads up' to garlic bread as well - make sure it is really buttery.  :)

Question Author

As a sort of sub question to my Vegetable Stew query.

I have decided to go with garlic bread.


Who is a garlic lover here,and who is a garlic hater?

I have to confess that I really love it,and will put it in many things!

Now a sub sub question!LOL

Do you have a secret ingredient,that you add to your recipes,to perk up your dishes?

Mine has to be wholegrain mustard,what's yours?

Any views please.

maggi liquid seasoning

steak seasoning in bolognese

cous cous - lots of nice recipes online

If you are heating your garlic baguette and taking them warm wrap in a tea towel and then tin foil. Better if you can heat them when you arrive though.

For my gravies and stews I add some red Martini.

Olive oil, 1 tablespoon to soups in 1 litre of water/stock

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