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Storing Kiwi Fruit?

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NoseyNose | 20:28 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Having seen(on a TV food programme) that you can eat the skin of a Kiwi fruit( as well as it's flesh)as it is full of fibre.

My question is~How do I store my recently purchased Kiwi fruits.

Fridge,or Fruit Bowl, or some other way?

I await your suggestions,before I devour one!LOL

Thank You.



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"Kiwi will continue to ripen at room temperature for up to 10 days after it’s picked, otherwise they keep well in the fridge"


Given that most fruit sold in supermarkets sold in supermarkets is far from ripe, I'd suggest that the fruit bowl might be the best place for them.  

Used to eat the skin, but decided I didn't much like it so tend not to.

^^^ I seem to be repeating myself above!

Sorry about that!  (I'll blame the cat who's trying to stop me typing!)

I keep them in the fridge, and personally would never, ever eat the skin. I only buy golden kiwi, I slice the top off like a boiled eggs and use a spoon to eat them.

I find they keep well in the fruit bowl long enough for me.

I can't bear the thought of that furry skin in my mouth, peaches are bad enough.

That's why I buy nectarines Tilly, furry skin is horrid

Another one here who would never eat the skin...and much prefer the golden-flesh ones to the green ones (kept in fruit bowl in a cool place).

I take each one out of the fridge in the morning, to eat later that day as I really don't like food straight from the fridge.

I've devoured Kiwi Fruit for ages, only recently discovered the skin is also edible.

Keeping in mind the skin is akin to soft sandpaper surely it cleans your nether regions on the way out.

Being a smart ***, the real name for Kiwi Fruit is Chinese Gooseberry.

Our neighbours, over the ditch, grew lots of them and renamed them for marketing purposes. 

Just saying,,,

I've always eaten the skin of ripe kiwi, I like it.  I keep mine in the fruit bowl but usually eat it within a couple of days of buying it.

I wonder if all those peaches are shaved by machine or by hand to turn them in to nectarines?

I've only tried kiwi fruit once...and didn't care for it.

Question Author

Well the kiwi fruit have been in a fruit bowl, in a centrally heated living room.They appear to be ripening,but very slowly.

How do you know when they arte ripe,can you squeeze them,or what.

Thanks Gordon.

Look, squeeze and sniff!
(I feel sure that's how some woman have made their assessments of me in the past!)

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Storing Kiwi Fruit?

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