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Vagus | 18:22 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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..tonight, with oven chips and peas. Scampi and scallops are my favourite ways of eating seafood, and lobster, not that I've had lobster in a long long time.🦞🦐🦀🦑🐙



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Oooh I love scampi! But tonight it's salad with feta, falafel and some moroccan hummus. Warm pitta bread and some left over rice now spiced up.

Good scampi is made from langoustine - a small lobster also called Dublin prawn or Norway lobster - so it's no surprise you like both.

Cheap and nasty scampi such as 'scampi bites' might be made from mushed up cod.  

I like lobster tails but I'm not keen on scampi - I don't like the breadcrumbs

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Yes, I knew that about scampi, it does vary but the ones we buy from Costco are very nice, I don't skimp on good food, we're worth it 😉 

That sounds lovely Sharon, I do love that combination of tastes.

Cheeseburger salad for me and he had cheeseburger and chips.

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The only burgers I enjoy are a Big Mac, Helen. At home, we have veggie burgers, even the smell of meaty burgers cooking at home makes me feel a bit off. Funny innit?

Slow cooker beef stew with jacket potatoes and cabbage.

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Don't forget to make soup with the remains of the cabbage, Tilly.

Scampi in the basket - I remember when it became  the "in thing" in the 70s, usually in pubs.  I don't see it so much these days.

Scampi here too with chips and peas and a glass of dandelion and burdock.

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Oh yes, canary, the height of sophistication, scampi or chicken in a basket.

Alan, noooo, gotta be a glass of chilled white, or at a push a G&T. 

Argentinean shrimp and a small bit of cod...marinated in ginger, garlic, smoked paprika, turmeric and lots of black pepper. 

I don't think I've ever had scampi...I think I probably thought it was all as Barry described. 

As for burgers...I've never liked either my own or those from the supermarket. Until my daughter recommended Finnebrogue wagyu burgers from Sainsbury's. Tasty and juicy...and not as coarse in texture as most.

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