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Battered Scampi

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jennyjoan | 16:26 Tue 14th Jul 2015 | Food & Drink
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Many years I go I went to Dromoland Castle I think in Limerick - we were given battered scampi and I never ever tasted anything like them in my life.

They must have been hand-reared etc as one of the waiters dropped one on the floor and went back into kitchen and carried that "one" on a plate to my friend.

Can you get any nice battered scampi anywhere - I love them.


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hand reared scampi??? i have such an awesome mental picture of that.....

i quite like youngs, i'm surely freshly made would be better though
If you can find a restaurant that batters and fries their own from scratch it will be better than anything you can buy in the shops to cook at home.

I sincerely hope the waiter didn't return the same scampi to your friend.......
Question Author
I can't cook them - anyway dont think I would ever get the like ever again.

Anyway the more I think of them they were Tempura batter and I think that is hard to make.
Tempura batter is a doddle. What is difficult about mixing flour with wel chilled sparkling water?
Scampi is the tail of a Dublin Bay prawn, or at least that is what it SHOULD be. It often isn't.
If you are prepared to pay the higher price, buy 'single wholetail scampi'.
Cheap scampi is often just a nasty mixture of minced scampi, minced cheap prawn with added, unwanted extras such as soya or panga.
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He came out as if he was carrying a crown - I truly mean that. I felt like saying Jaysus could you have not have given us more than one. The one that fell to the floor broke up.
Question Author
Eccles - tried that last week - had a go and got the scampi and chips - not not a chance - I find nobody can cook them particularly the tempura batter.
Hold don't think you'd ever find the like again? So why the question?

Would you like to me to continue googling for you, if not I'll get back to work!
Try Waitrose.
Quite why I'm asking I don't know but where did you go for these scampi and chips?

If it was a local chippy then I am not surprised as I would question they made tempura batter as it needs to be made fresh for almost every batch. A busy chippy is unlikely to bother with that.
Question Author
hc - don't have waitrose - eccles - come and make them for me - no don't be doing gooling I can google myself.

hc have take note of your single wholetale scampi - now where would I get those please and thank you.
Question Author
yes eccles it was a local chippy.
^^ They are in breadcrumb hc4361 not batter.
You can buy Tempera Prawn which would be closer.
Question Author
I will get them HC and give you my wonderful opinion on them. Can I ask you do think the oil you fry them in makes a difference as there are so many oils out there.
Lot of scamp these days is monkfish. As hc said, should be the tail of a Dublin Bay prawn.
Question Author
oh God Eddie - glad you stepped in there - as it is batter I am looking for - do you them in Tesco finest range too. Don't like breaded
Tempura Prawn
VERY easy , just make sure the batter is made correctly, the oil is smoking hot and you cook then 2 minutes only, any longer and they will be useless .
Question Author
No Eddie - wouldn't even try to make them myself - thought you could have given a good supermarket - Ah well - get Eccles to post them to me.
^^ As said Waitrose sell ready made ones but I can't see them being a patch on home cooked ones.

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Battered Scampi

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