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Is It Bad Having Kfc For Lunch Then Steak For Tea?

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abbeylee90 | 12:38 Thu 18th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Don't know weather to feel guilty 



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Yes it's bad having KFC for lunch.

No it's not bad having steak for tea.

Why do you feel guilty?

KFC isn't the healthiest choice, but ok occasionally. Steak is good.

Question Author

Wellof course kfc is bad for you if it was all the time



If you can afford it and your body doesn't object go for it

Every day, yes, but occasionally, no.

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Not at all

Livin' high on the hog there abbey, high on the hog!

Give up the red meat.

Whatever you fancy does you good - you dining out Abbey?

Of course not, if you can afford it and don't do it often.  I've never eaten KFC in my life.  Am ì alone?

I've never had a KFC, a McDonalds nor a Burger King or anything similar.

Take away fish and chips at the seaside or the BCLM suits me just fine

No food is a bad food, Abbey.  It's quantity and frequency you need to think about to ensure a healthy, balanced and varied diet.

I have steak every week with home made oven chips, mushrooms and fresh veg.

Same as me Barry, adding kebabs to the list of never had.  And for a long while not fish and chips. 

I've told a fib.  We had McDonald's when son was small because kids loved to go there.  Our nearest one was 20 miles away.  We didn't like them.  Son decided he didn't like them any more after he tasted steak!

We have the occasional Chinese take away, but we make a better one.


I've never had a kebab, either - apart from ones I cook at home on a skewer occasionally.  Not that horrid looking elephant leg rotating on a giant spit fingweee

I've never had a Chinese meal. Never had a noodle.  Woe is me

Returning from London after Christmas, we stopped at a Welcome Break for food...choice was Burger King, a noodle place, and KFC. So I had KFC for the first time in the UK. 2 was actually better than I remembered the US version...which always seemed undercooked...bleurggh. Still not something I'd eat readily.

Used to have Burger King occasionally when I collected my daughter from school...a treat for a 10year old.

Nothing wrong with that, Pasta, a bit of what you fancy does you good.

If we've been stuck in town and need to eat I always headed to the nearest Weatherspoon - their chilli con carne was nice and filling and fitted in with my diet.  Sadly they no longer serve that.  This isn't us 'going out for dinner' - it's a needs must thing.  My wife liked the lamb shank.

I love Chinese food  Barry and, Thai.  In fact most food from most countries, but they don't like me much.  Not keen on German food but love mediterrsnean food and a lot of Asian food.  But the food I like best is French food.   

Actually Russian food can be good too.

And now uk food has improved a lot from when it was meat and two veg.  Buti like that too.  Just not milk puddings of any kind, 

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Is It Bad Having Kfc For Lunch Then Steak For Tea?

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