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Air Fryers,Right For Me?

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NoseyNose | 00:15 Thu 18th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Having watched the TV programme this evening,about air fryers, my question is:~

As I am (now) a single household,is it worth me buying one?

I think that one person heating,and using, a large fan assisted oven(me)wastes money,and it seems take much longer to cook food.

So a small air fryer might be cheaper,and easier for me.

I have yet to work out the way to cook using the main(fan) part of my cooker,so use the small top oven(which works),but I think that even this is more expensive than the air fryer would be?

I don't have the instruction book for my cooker,lord knows where my partner put it.LOL

So I could start all over again with an  air fryer,and know just what I was doing.

Any comments/advice would be most welcome/

Thank You,Gordon.



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Hi Gordon, get you, you little Fanny Craddock.😀First of all, all you need is the make and model number of your cooker and you should be able to find the instructions online.I don't have an air fryer so I may not be the person to comment, but as I live alone like you, I did wonder what sort of things I would use it for and decided it wasn't worth it and would turn out to be...
00:27 Thu 18th Jan 2024

They are popular but I just didn't like the air-fryer - much prefer my slow cooker - good for making things in advance and then freezing, soups, casseroles, etc. 

You may be able to download the instruction booklet for your cooker. 

You'd certainly save a lot of money compared with using a conventional oven - I've started only using my microwave and it reduces electricity usage considerably.

Hi Gordon, get you, you little Fanny Craddock.😀

First of all, all you need is the make and model number of your cooker and you should be able to find the instructions online.

I don't have an air fryer so I may not be the person to comment, but as I live alone like you, I did wonder what sort of things I would use it for and decided it wasn't worth it and would turn out to be another fad that would end up at the back of a cupboard.

Have you thought about a slow cooker?

Great in the winter for cooking casseroles and apart from cooking meat slowly so it's tender, you can through stuff in and set it and forget it.

The air fryer would be much quicker though.


Air fryers are right for everyone.

Roy, you obviously have one, what do you cook in it?

mrs fender loves the her air fryer, uses it almost everyday now, thinks it's the next best thing since sliced bread, she says its easy to use and lots youtube vids and fb groups on it with tips and recipes, User Recommendation?source=ps-sl-shoppingads-lpcontext&ref_=fplfs&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE  there are other larger ones, but this one is perfect for two people+ always sales on them, ebay and other places..

Fender, you say they are perfect for 2 people but what about a single person?

Hi Gordon - also being on my own I've been seriously thinking about an air fryer - trouble is, that's as far as I've got 🤔

I don't use my oven much - last time was for a disastrous meringue over Christmas 🙁

I do use my microwave but would like a way of grilling steak, not frying so perhaps it's time to get out there and find out what's best for me.

Good luck with all your endeavours, I'm so glad things are going well for you 😊

Barsel, id say perfect for one person + you can make more as it's just the right size even for one. the other half is always reading up on new ideas recipes etc.. so far 0 failures erm well until i had a go with a semi frozen pizza temps are important! lol

Tbh, I think it depends on the sort of food you like.

It's great for things that you'd normally grill/roast/bake...chicken thighs/wings,meatballs,sausages, steaks, fish portions, prawns. Roast veg, jacket/roast potatoes, chips. Quiche.

If you prefer stews or casseroles, then get a slow cooker.

Or, have both.

the link i put has slow cook function, the other half makes casseroles in and stews soup etc, i read about it first, if in doubt.

Fender, sorry I didn't notice your link. Wow, that piece of equipment seems to do it all, but it's a bit pricey.

I almost got a multicooker...but couldn't find the ideal for me range of functions. 

This is a bit cheaper Barsel... User Recommendationref=twister_B0CS7MWWXY?_encoding=UTF8&th=1

I got a small one for £35 in Morrisons to try them out before spending more on a bigger one.

It's been great for things that aren't quite suitable for a microwave or a full oven.


there are a few used ones on ebay, or check fb market place, ninja do refurbs as well.. check around nowt wrong with a used one..


I already have 2 slow cookers, the first one wasn't big enough to fit a cake tin in when I was making a fruit cake.

Also, have quite a large microwave, a full-size double oven cooker and also a mini oven which I bought when the oven on my cooker packed up.

I don't have room for anything else.😀

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I had completely forgotten about slow cookers.I do love a hearty stew,ready and waiting.So I mayinvest in a small one?

As regards air fryers,it really depends on my food recipe needs, and as the slow cooker looks as if it needs less fuss and preparation(as such),I may consider that.

The cheapest slow cooker on Amazon is £ 14.95

The cheapest Air Fryer on Amazon is £21.98

So the air fryer may win the day yet,considering how much it does.

Watch this space,for further updates! LOL

A friend bought me a cheap air fryer to see how I liked it before she bought herself one. Perhaps the problem was it being cheap, there are only two controls, time and temperature. I couldn't find any instructions, either with the fryer or on line and found every time it was used,there was a lot of guesswork and experimentation. I have returned to using the small oven on my double oven, the microwave and slow cooker. It's probable a more expensive machine is more versatile and easier to use but I won't be checking that out.

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Air Fryers,Right For Me?

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