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Is It Bad Having Kfc For Lunch Then Steak For Tea?

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abbeylee90 | 12:38 Thu 18th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Don't know weather to feel guilty 



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Wetherspoons is ok for basic, fill your tummy fare. Shame they aren't on motorway stops...minus the booze!

I've had some great breakfasts there, I particularly like their 'miners benedict' - eggs benedict with black pudding where the ham or spinach usually sits.  

Can't remember the last time we had KFC,  just be thirty or more years ago. Had Burger King on the motorway on the way home from somewhere about nine years ago and OH came down with food poisoning a few hours later, never could eat one after that 🤢

McDonalds is a different story..I love their breakfast sausage and egg muffin, and Big Mac, and will happily devour either given the opportunity, which is rare 😕

Never had, or I tend to have, a kebab from a kebab shop. Like Barry, I make kebabs on a skewer.

Chinese take away are not 'proper' Chinese! My father went to the same Chinese for 30 years even driving 40 miles to get his fix lol. I'm not that fussy give me chicken balls and I'm a happy girl 

You get the gist of my post, despite the auto correct 🙄

I don't care if they're not 'proper' Chinese, I love a Chinese takeaway 😋

lol Vagus

So did your father drive 40 miles to have dinner with his Chinese friends, Helen?

" give me chicken balls I'm a happy girl ".😋


All those capons!  That's illegal in the UK now

Mention of the revolving tower kebabs reminds me of when I worked in an office almost next door to one, and if we had to work late (regular occurrence) someone (usually me) would pop out for a mass order.  I used to recommend people to have the hot chilli sauce addition to kill off any untoward contaminants. It really was a grim place hygiene-wise, and I finally stopped going there the time the guy sneezed into his sleeve while carving.

Way back  in time I worked at a college that had fair amount of ale Chinese Post grad students and at Chinese New Year they got together to arrange a Chinese evening and cook a Chinese meal.  It was amazing food, but nothing like Chinese restaurant or takeaway.  In later years we were friends with a couple and the wife was Chinese.  Again amazing food but totally different. And that's where I had the egg dropped into my soup. Yuk.

But Ì still like the food in the takeways.  

Barry it was the only takeaway that cooked real Chinese food.

like he used to have when we lived in Hong Kong 

I don't blame your Dad Red. Our friends were a Hong Kong policeman from Britain and his wife from Hong Kong.  Absolutely lovely people.  Their eldest daughter went back to life in HONG Kong and I often wonder how she is after the change.  They moved away from Norfolk.  The food she produced was wonderful.

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Is It Bad Having Kfc For Lunch Then Steak For Tea?

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