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Recipe For 1 Jar Mincemeat Cake, Please

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barry1010 | 18:01 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Food & Drink
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I had the recipe but can't find it.

I've searched the web but given up



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will this do barry? if not google "mincemeat cake recipe" theres quite a few out there.

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Thanks TheWinner, I find it incredibly annoying to have to scroll and scroll through a lot of chatter to get to the recipe although that second one looks okay.

Could I substitute the sherry for brandy? 

I like the BBC recipes but specifically wanted a recipe for a whole jar

yes, swop sherry for brandy, or even leave it out. (If its ever an ingredient you don't like, you can swop it for something else, but make sure its the same weight, i.e. 4 oz of dried cranberries could be replaced with 4 ozs of glace cherries). 

 not sure it will help you the easy mincemeat christmas cake x

oops i'll wind my neck in ,already mentioned ,must learn to scroll x

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Thanks all

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Recipe For 1 Jar Mincemeat Cake, Please

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