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Just Made A Vat

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Vagus | 18:02 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | Food & Drink
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Of veg soup...three gigantic leeks, two large carrots, an orange and a yellow pepper, two large potatoes, leftover baked beans and tomatoes from last night, a veg stock cube, some hot paprika, some cayenne, a packet of cup a soup creamed veg, a good slug of veg elmlea,and a teaspoon of ground black pepper.

I whizzed it in the pan for a bit, not to completely blitz it but enough to thicken it.

Yum 😋



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That looks good! How many people will that serve?

Question Author

Well, there's just the two of us but what I tend to do is we'll have it tonight and maybe tomorrow night, and then I'll freeze the rest.

... and very nice, too! 

I always make too much mashed potato and freeze it in small portions.

I add it to most of my home made soups and it thickens it up nicely.  We all love soup, I cook it overnight in the slow cooker

I have just got all the veg out ready to make a large batch of Mulligatawny soup tomorrow. My fellow shooting mates love a mug of that on the ranges in Winter.I will cook a cauldron of about 10 pints. Red lentils instead of rice on this batch. I hope it will be well received.

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How'd it go today, retro?

I love "chuck everything in" soups 😋 Always different flavour.

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I do too, Haz, I never follow a recipe for soup.

It was really tasty and we have four good portions to go in the freezer.

I like home made soup but never find the occasional to eat it. Perhaps I'll have a go and have it for lunch over the weekend. We usually go out or have a salad.

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Just Made A Vat

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