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Do You Prefer Tea Or Coffee?

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AB Editor | 15:04 Wed 23rd Aug 2023 | Food & Drink
14 Answers

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  • Tea - 115 votes
  • 49%
  • Coffee - 99 votes
  • 42%
  • I don't drink either of them - 22 votes
  • 9%

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I drink them both, tea first thing then coffee later. I voted tea because if I had to choose one to never have again it would be coffee.
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why are you shouting?
I drink much more tea than coffee, but enjoy both. I'm more likely to have coffee than tea if I'm out.
I suspect that landF is really Borat.
Tea is not grown in this country. You might have to drink beer or cider. Or if you disapprove of alcohol,then perhaps apple juice.
Don’t like tea… drink loads of coffee tho


Contrary to Aetheist answer,Tea IS grown in this country.

See here:~





I prefer Tea

1 to 14 of 14rss feed

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Do You Prefer Tea Or Coffee?

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