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Do you prefer Wagon Wheels with or without jam?

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AB Editor | 14:03 Mon 17th Apr 2023 | Food & Drink
16 Answers

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  • With Jam - 43 votes
  • 46%
  • Who cares? - 21 votes
  • 22%
  • Without Jam - 14 votes
  • 15%
  • I'm not allowed to have sweet snacks. - 10 votes
  • 11%
  • What's Wagon Wheels? - 6 votes
  • 6%

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I didnt know they still existed, but i didn't like them very much. I know they shrunk!
Seen some ropey surveys on here but this one takes the biscuit.
Ages since I had one & I didn't know about the jammie ones but voted for them cos they sound nice.
Half the size these days..
They used to be huge Minty if i remember correctly. Most things have now shrunk.
I find they are much more useful still attached to the wagon :-)

Not sure I've the sweet version for years. I definitely would not want jam with one ...
Perhaps our haiwere much smaller misst ? Lol.. I do believe them to be much reduced in size these jammie dodgers ,!
Hands were ∆∆
I like them how Bob Marley has them, with jamin
I prefer mine with salt, vingear and mayo...

Highly recommended as their f&c are great.
If I'm having a chocolate-coated biscuit, I'll go for one enrobed in a decent layer of real chocolate...not a scrappy coat of "chocolate flavour coating"....with or without jam!
Find them quite unpleasant
Wagon Wheels were big because we were so small.
An uncle's half-crown slipped into the hand at Christmas was enormous.
I think they were childish treats. Haven't had one for more than half a century.
Sure it's not you that's got bigger missT;-)

I'm not fond of jam but do like it in a Wagon Wheel.

Will the BA get one today?

1 to 16 of 16rss feed

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Do you prefer Wagon Wheels with or without jam?

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