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Accompaniments For Steak (And Chicken)

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Barmaid | 15:48 Tue 18th Apr 2023 | Food & Drink
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Having a little dinner on Sat. Main course will be steak (although one guest is having a chicken breast).

I am probably going to do mini roast potatoes with garlic and rosemary or lemon and herbs as the potato dish.

What would you like as a side dish (or two) if I was serving the steak or chicken to you? It needs to be stuff I can either cook in advance and warm up while I am flashing the steaks or something I can just take out the oven/instant pot/sous vide bath.

For info starter will be gruyere cheese souffle on a crisp leaf salad with apple, walnut and pomegranite and pud will be choc fondant with amaretto ice cream and raspberry coulis.



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Purple sprouting broccoli and roasted cauliflower.
Serving steak without mushrooms should be a criminal offence!

Here's how to serve them up within a side dish:

There are further suggestions here:
(That's one of those weird web pages where, instead of scrolling down, one needs to click through the gallery images to access the recipe links).
I agree with Buenchico - Mushrooms!

I was also going to suggest cauliflower chees but then noticed your starter so perhaps just go for a splash of colour against the 'browns' and keep it simple so Sweetcorn or green beans?
buttered green beans (with or without garlic depending on your guests likes). How about a watercress sauce as an accompaniment
Watercress sauce, that sounds interesting. Got some growing in the green house so might try that when its a bit bigger. I tend to have au poivre with my steak.
Missing something green.

Mushrooms....brown, sad looking, uninteresting.

Asparagus .pan fried with a little butter is your answer.
Mushrooms & green beans for me as well, please.

However, Barmaid, I'll take whatever you offer & be grateful for it. What time should I get there? ;-)
Your in the queue LiK :-)
Lightly steamed kalettes and baby sweetcorn for me...oh, and the sauteed mushrooms, of course.
Tenderstem broccoli and some oven roasted baby tomatoes on the vine.
I'm probably alone here, BM but for me shallots baked in a little water and lots of brown sugar til soft with the top a little crispyish is a favourite. Recall Ummmm's husband loving it too.
All the above with plenty of alcohol :-)
Peas and spring onions, and mushrooms in cream.
I think you need something with a bit of sauce with what you’re serving, hence the mushrooms in cream.
And some roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine.
It's very late in the year to obtain kalettes. They're nominally only available from November to March (although I did see some in Morrisons about a week ago - so there might be a few left somewhere).
Remember once being served a dollop of macaroni cheese (along with other veg) with a steak and it was, surprisingly, tasty.
Yes, Chris, I did think about the (non) availability issue in April...but I also bought some fairly recently in Waitrose, but I think they've finished now.
You should open a number of bottles of side dish. See what red wines your local wine merchant recommends with steak.
Question Author
Some fantastic ideas here, thank you!

I can assure you, there will be plenty of booze - although I have not yet gone and bought that yet.

I agree on the mushrooms. I think steak without mushrooms is a very bad thing indeed. So mushrooms have made the final cut.

I also agree that something green is needed - we eat with our eyes after all. Unfortunately, Mr BM is not keen on green beans or broccoli (which I love). However, I do know he likes asparagus so I think that will work.

I like the idea of roasted cauli too, but I know that 2 of my guests dislike cauli so I'll do that another night just for us.

I am also tempted to do some baby sweetcorn or some half cobs. I know at least one of my guests has a huge appetite and so there will be nothing left! Plus it adds colour.

As for sauces, I was going to do a bearnaise sauce since I thought that would go well with the chicken as well, but that is last minute faffing (the whole point is, I want most of this done in advance). But the suggestion of watercress sauce is an excellent one. Mr BM does not like a traditional peppercorn sauce since it is too hot for him, but a watercress sauce will tick the sauce box and give a slight peppery hint. I'll do a cheats tarragon sauce for the chicken eater.

Gness - I'd forgotten about balsamic shallots. Ummmm gave me a recipe years ago and I did it a few times. One day I took my eye off the ball and the whole lot (including the pan) ended up going in the bin. Ummmm was phsl. I really liked them though (when I didn't cremate them). I might do them as well.

Roasted tomatoes on the vine always look nice, but I dislike them. Love tomatoes in many forms, but I just cannot do that. No idea why. Tomatoes will feature as a canape though since I shall do tiny brushettas.
Don't know how Ummmm came to get the recipe from me all those years ago. She came back to say Ginge had really liked them. They are so easy to do. Just fancy some now but Dave is off for another planning meeting in the Holy Well and I can't work the oven...or the microwave...and as for the hob!
BM the watercress sauce also works nicely with grilled fish

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Accompaniments For Steak (And Chicken)

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